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Mad with jealousy, Ginny lures Hermione deep into the Forbidden Forest to eliminate her as a rival for Harry's love.

Her plan seems to be working... until everything goes terribly wrong.

This new story series features hot lesbian BDSM, anal punishment, monstrous spiders, swollen pregnant bellies, and lots of sexy peril!

All characters in this series are 18 years or older.

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Scene 2: Coming soon...

Scene 3: Coming soon...

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Scene 6: Hermione is impregnated by a monstrous giant spider

The female spider implants her eggs deep inside her victims and then paralyzes them with its venomous bite.

When the hundreds of spiderlings emerge from the vagina a few days later, their first meal already awaits them.

Will Harry and Ron save them in time?!?

(This scene is also Scene 2 of the Monsters & Beasts Series)

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Nude Xray - Egg Implantation

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Scene 5: Coming soon...

Scene 6: Coming soon...

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