"Midnights X"

An Erotic Photobook

Featuring: Taylor S.

Artwork by Nick S.

Midnights X: The Erotic Photobook

After the huge success of her album Midnights, Taylor planned a 'break-the-internet' moment: the release of her very first erotic photobook.

A nod to Madonna's infamous Sex photobook, it featured the first nude and hardcore shoots ever captured of Taylor.

Until... she changed her mind.

Getting cold feet at the last moment, Taylor had the whole project scrapped.

But as luck would have it, I've gotten my hands on a few of the unreleased images.

Enjoy Taylor as you've never seen her before!

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#1: Sweet Nothing: Her First Nude Shoot

Wearing absolutely nothing, Taylor bares her perky titties and that sweet shaved pus for the first time ever.

And if you look closely, you'll see her tight little pink butthole, just begging to be stretched... (more on that later!)

Taylor's First Nude Shoot

#2: Panty Hero: Her First POV Hardcore Scene!

Taylor always thinks of her fans first.

So for her first hardcore scene, she knew she wanted to do it POV.

She wants you to know what it's like to look down on her naked body as she gasps as you fill her pussy with your fat cock.

I just wish I had the shots of the creampie finish. But maybe I'll get a hold of them later?

POV Pussy Fuck

#3: Snow on the Bitch: Her First Deepthroat & Facial

Most of her life, Taylor's been pretty conservative when it comes to sex.

She's been down for missionary, doggystyle in her pus, and a blowjob here or there.

But for the photobook she was ready to try something new.

Putting her hair in ponytail, Taylor got a balls-deep throat-fucking from her new boyfriend.

She gagged, her eyes got red, and her mascara bled, but she was a trooper.

Then he unloaded his hot jizz all over face and tits.

Unfortunately I don't have any shots from the throating (not yet at least), but here's her getting that lavender glaze!

#4: Midnight Pain: Her First Anal

OK, this is the one I love the most.

After the throating and facial, Taylor knew she had to really push her comfort level and try her first-ever anal.

First she gave him a foot job and got cum all over her little feet.

Then she got super lubed up, but wow that baby still hurt!

That fat cock really stretched her ass and she almost tapped out early.

But then the pleasure started, and she came hard as the cock rammed balls-deep into her tight little anus.

Thanks Taylor for these exclusive shots!

Anal & Cum on Feet

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