I'm occasionally able to do commissions if my schedule allows it.

All commissions are in my latest ultra-detailed 4K resolution.

These are NOT AI creations.

I use a base of 3D modeling then overpaint the faces and do postwork in photoshop.

Only after the basic artwork is finished do I use AI to add some additional detail, like more detailed hair and skin textures.

So you'll never see bad hands or weird details that break the total immersion and fantasy like you do artworks that rely primarily on AI.

Commission Rates

  • $200 for Softcore, Dressed/Nude in 4K, with Strip Slider
  • $400 for 1:1 Hardcore (POV sex, facials, etc) in 4K
  • $500 for Gangbang Hardcore in 4K, with bondage, etc

For $400+ commissions, you get 10% off if you're an active annual member, and 20% off if you're a lifetime member.

50% of the fee is due when I begin your commission, with the remainder just before delivery.

I don't do commissions of non-famous people. Generally they should be well-known and likely to a popular choice with my members, even if I haven't done them before.

There is an additional fee if you don't want the commission shared on my site.

Testimonial from a Commission Client:

"For someone who has been following this site for a while, I can truly say that the art work has always been phenomenal and only keeps getting better. The time and work put into it is truly shown by the work we see. And for commissions, when I sent my first request, the response was quick and easily explained, especially for someone who has never done something like this (myself). Nick really helped build what I was hoping for to show it perfectly. Highly recommend for anyone interested in doing a commission to do it. Completely worth it, and completely open for the individual’s request and suggestions. And as for me, I will definitely be requesting more commissions in the future. So an overall thank you to Nick for all his hard work"


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