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Members of The Merry Mage get exclusive access to:

  • Massive 4K resolution images filling your whole screen
  • Up to 6x zoom on every image so you can see all the details
  • Full access to each new series as it gets created image by image
  • All available versions of each scene (e.g. clothed, nude, x-ray, etc)

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If you want quick access, this is the best option, as your payment goes through immediately.

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A Merry Mage Membership


This includes full access to:

  • Current Series
  • Future Series (as long as membership is active)
  • 4K resolution images
  • Up to 6x zoom
  • All scene versions
  • Cancel anytime

Note: this plan doesn't include access to any of the past series.


Any Single Series


This one-time payment gives you full access to any 1 series of your choosing, either current, past, or future.

  • 4K resolution images
  • Up to 6x zoom
  • All scene versions
  • This is a single, one-time payment

If I end up adding more images to that series in the future, you'll also get access to those!

Option #2: Join using Patreon

If you prefer to use Patreon, that's awesome too!

Note that Patreon payments process on the 1st of the month, so new memberships begin on the 5th (once your payment has processed).

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