I'm hiring a Social Media Assistant

Job Application
I'm looking to hire a part-time Social Media Assistant to help me post content to Reddit, Twitter, and IG, and maybe elsewhere too.

My ideal candidate:
1) Is a big fan of Rule34 content and familiar with many of the popular movies/shows that I often feature
2) Has experience with Reddit, Twitter, and IG. If you have experience with social media marketing that's a plus.
3) Has creative ideas for how to market my site
4) Is super organized, reliable, and available for 2-5 hours of work a week.
5) Writes English perfectly and is a stickler for clean copy, no typos or sloppy editing.
6) Is OK with my content of course
7) Is a chill, good person, who is thoughtful and diligent.
The payrate will be $9/hour, but I'm open to negotiation based on your experience or skills.
Please fill out the application form below if you're interested. Thanks! - Nick