Chapter 1

You're waiting for Hermione in the courtyard.
She said to come right after lunch... something really important she needed to ask you.
You wonder what it could be?
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"Harry! Thanks for coming."
"Yeah, why are we meeting here and not inside? It may be spring break but today is bloody freezing!" you complain.
"Sorry," Hermione said, slightly sheepish.
"But you know what it's like. The walls have ears."
It was true. Secrets didn't seem to stay secret very long when spoken within the walls of the school.
"I need your help to sneak into the forbidden section of the library tonight. There's a potions book I need, and Professor Slughorn isn't back until the new year."
"And you need my help? You've snuck in before, right?"
"Please, Harry. I don't want to go on my own. There are dangerous books in there that have a mind of their own. I need a friend!" Hermione pleaded.
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"Please, Harry? I swear I'll make it up to you..." she said, as she bit her lip a little and gave you pleading eyes.
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Hermione squeals and throws her arms around your neck, hugging you. You can't help but notice the smell of her perfume and the feel of her tits pressing into your chest. Memories of how she looked naked flicker through your mind, and your cock starts to stiffen.
"Great, meet me in the common room after lights out and bring your cloak and the map," Hermione said, stepping back before she could notice the growing bulge in your jeans.
"So it's my toys you want too," you tease.
"You're the best, Harry!" Hermione said, kissing you on the cheek before running off.
You can't help but stare at her ass as she leaves.
Lights out was still 5 hours away. Plenty of time to have a wank and get rid of this hardon. God, I wish Ginny hadn't left for spring break. I could do with a good fuck right now.

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"Harry, be careful! You're pulling the cloak off me," Hermione whispers.
"You need to stay closer," she added.
"Sorry, but this cloak is meant for one person. We're not little kids anymore!"
You step as close as you dare. Despite jacking off earlier, you're still horny.
After starting to date Ginny, you've grown used to pussy on tap. Your hand just didn't cut it anymore. It didn't help that Hermione's delicious jean-clad ass kept rubbing against your cock on the way over.
There was no way she hadn't felt your hard cock against her ass, but she hadn't said anything. Memories of filling her virgin ass with your cock kept you in a constant state of hardness.
You bump into Hermione, pulling you from your thoughts.
"Oh no!" said Hermione.
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You see a huge black dog sleeping in front of the entrance to the forbidden section.
"Do you think we can sneak past?" Hermione asks.
"He might hear us." you say.
"What if we sprinkle a steak with sleeping powder?" you suggest.
But then you realize it's the last sleeping powder you have and you can't get more until the Weasley twins come back from break.
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"He's asleep already. Let's sneak past," Hermione whispers.
As carefully as you can, you approach the sleeping beast as you start to edge around him. He's so massive he almost completely blocks the door. A misplaced step knocks over a small stack of books. You freeze.
"I don't think he heard…." Hermione starts to say.
With a low rumbling growing, the now awake dog rises.
The size of a small pony, it bares its 6 inch long canines, saliva dripping from its mouth.
And then it leaps at you...
You have died. Choose another option above to keep playing.
"Wait here. I've got an idea." you say.
"Harry, no! Don't leave me with it!" Hermione hissed.
A quick visit to the dormitories secures your last packet of Fred and George's sleeping power.
Hopefully, it works on dogs.
Outside the kitchens, you hand Hermione the Marauders map.
"Stay here and keep an eye on that. If anyone comes, knock on the door."
Hopefully, no house-elves are working late…
You are halfway across the kitchen when suddenly the walk-in freezer opens. You stay still hidden under the invisibility cloak.
A girl you recognize from DA walks out with a tub of ice cream.

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Hailey from Ravenclaw. Short at just over 5 feet and with striking red hair, she reminds you of Ginny, and your cock stirs at the thought.
Dressed only in cotton booty shorts and a cropped sweatshirt, the freezer's cold air forms her nipples into hard points.
Seeing her bowl on the table, you get an idea...

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You sneak forward and grab her bowl as she is trying to open the tub of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean ice cream. But you knock her spoon over as you do.
The clattering of the spoon makes her jump and she looks around.
You hold your breath and back away.
She gazes in your direction and cocks her head, but then looks confused as she can't find the bowl that was right there.
She walks back over to a cabinet and reaches up to get another bowl.
As she does, you whisper 'Ventus' and a slight breeze issues from your wand towards Hailey.
Your risky move rewards you as her cropped sweatshirt flutters upward, exposing her breasts and hard nipples.

Then stolen ice cream in hand, she leaves via a side door.
Moving quickly, you grab a paper-wrapped steak and sneak back to the library with Hermione.
You wait quietly, barely breathing.
Spoon and stolen ice cream in hand, she leaves via a side door.
Moving quickly, you grab a paper-wrapped steak and sneak back to the library with Hermione.
back to library Radio Buttons
"Okay. Now carefully float this over."
"Wingardium Leviosa," Hermione says, with a swish and flick of her wand.
The drug-laced streak floats over to the sleeping beast and lands softly a foot from its massive jaws.
"Are you sure this will knock him out?" Hermione asked.
It worked well enough to let me fuck your virgin pussy and ass without you waking up, you think to yourself.
"Look, he's waking up," you say, avoiding the question.
The dog rose onto all fours revealing his massive size.
As big as a small pony, it was no normal breed. It sniffed the steak curiously then snapped it up in a single bite.
Nothing happened.
Then, the dog pitched forward and hit the ground with a thump.

"Did you kill it?" Hermione squeaked.
"No, it's still breathing. Come on, let's go. I don't know how long it will last"
enter forb Radio Buttons
"Alohomora," Hermione whispered, the door lock on the forbidden section clicking open.
You follow Hermione through a winding path between the towering bookshelf, failing miserably to avoid staring at her ass.
Hermione is mumbling to herself as she trailed her fingers along the spines of the leather-bound volumes looking for the one she wanted.

Bending at the waist, her peachy ass thrusts towards you, tempting you. You wish you still had some sleeping powder left over.

"Did you hear that?" you ask.
"2 grams of mandrake root," the distracted witch mumbled, now sitting on the floor copying a recipe from a thick tome by wand light.

You head toward the sound, your wand raised, lighting the way.
Three aisles over, you see an old leather-bound book lying on the ground. The cover is faded.

Picking up the slender volume to feel a strange thrill run through your body, your cock suddenly harder than it had ever been.
"Harry? Harry!" Hermione called, her voice worried.
You quickly tuck the book behind your back, tucking it into your waistband.
"Harry!" Hermione called again, her voice rising in pitch.
"Here," you say, stepping out into view.
"Harry, there you are. Don't run off like that. Where did you go?"
"Oh, uh, nowhere. Just browsing."
Hermione narrows her eyes. The book grew warm against your back, and the strange sensation started again.
"Come on, let's go before ‘Rover' out there wakes up," she said.
Under the cover of your cloak, you make it back without incident.
You couldn't be sure, but a few times, you feel like Hermione purposely pressed her ass back against your throbbing erection.