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Chapter 2

You're alone in your room, your roommates all home for spring break—the fireplace chasing away the chill.
You pull the book from your waistband and run your fingers over the cover. Opening the front cover, the title page reads, ‘Hegram’s Book of Naughty Charms".
Turning to the first page and the first spell, "Transpericum - uncovering what is hidden."
You can definitely imagine some naughty ways to use this spell.
flip ahead Radio Buttons
You try flipping to the next page, but the words seem to swim and be unfocused.

Guess you’ll start with the first spell then.
Transpericum - uncovering what is hidden.
In order to see through the subject's clothing, you must have a line of sight. Focusing on the subject, say 'Transpericum' while moving your wand in a counterclockwise oval rotation with the tip pointed towards at a 60° angle.'

Beneath was a step-by-step diagram of the correct wand moments.
"To see through the subject’s clothing!"
Surely this couldn't work. Could it?
Your cock starts to get hard just thinking about the possibilities.

look for Radio Buttons
"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."
The Marauders Map spread across the parchment showing every inch of the castle, its grounds, and everyone in it.
It was sparsely populated, with most students and teachers at home for spring break.
"Where are you, Hermione" you mutter quietly.
With so few dots representing the current population of Hogwarts, finding Hermione should have been easy. But you can't find her anywhere on the map.
That left you with two options:
She had left the grounds, or she was in the one-room the Map didn't show.
The Room of Requirement!
to room of reqRadio Buttons

Wrapped in your invisibility cloak, you approach the room of requirement.
peek door yoga Radio Buttons
As carefully as you can, you crack open the door to peek inside.

The Room of Requirement had transformed itself into a yoga studio. On one of the yoga mats, Hermione is moving between downward dog and tree position.
Taking your chance when her head is downward, you quickly slip inside, closing the door quietly behind you.
You see her turn her head slightly, like maybe she heard something, but then she continues her stretch.
Wearing skin-tight pink yoga pants and a black sports bra, Hermione is showing more skin than you've seen her show before.
She is slick with sweat, maybe having worked out beforehand.
You admired the way her ass filled a pair of jeans, but the tight yoga pants hide nothing.
cast spell Radio Buttons
Palm sweaty with anticipation, you poke the tip of your wand at Hermione as she moves back into downward dog.
"Transpericum" you whisper.
Hermione's clothes appear to dissolve away.
It works!
Hermione's ass was even better out of her clothes. You can see her pink puckered ass hole, her pussy peeking between her legs.
Her tits hung almost motionless from her chest, still shaped by the sports bra that was now invisible to your eyes.

Magically strip Hermione

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