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Jane, Age 18 (Scotland)

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Student (starting University of Stirling in the Fall); Art model


Reading novels and travelogues; long distance running; playing with Quill, her pet hedgehog

Future Dreams:

Traveling around the world (hopefully with me?!); Becoming a social worker and helping people

My favorite memories with Jane:

1) Drinking coffee together on our first date at the Birds and the Bees

2) Planning our future travels together late into the night

3) Cumming for the first time in her sweet little pussy

From the charming city of Stirling in bonnie Scotland

I first met Jane on a train from Edinburgh to Stirling, but had no idea what an impact she'd make in my life.

A day-trip ended up becoming a month long stay, as I fell head over heels in love with this truly special girl.

After spending the last year traveling the globe, being with all kinds of gorgeous girls, Jane is making me question all of that.

She's beyond beautiful, a hard worker, sincere, funny, and would love nothing more than to travel the world with me.

But she's also a freshman in college.

What should we do?!

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