The Merry Mage presents:


Featuring Arya Stark
& A Very Pissed Off Wight

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After the battle of Winterfell, Arya Stark takes a much needed bath to wash off the grime from the fight.

Little does she realize that a single wight has survived and is about to exact his revenge...

Scene 1: Arya washes up, oblivious to the danger lurking behind her...

Nude Version

Scene 2: Naked and helpless, Arya senses the silent attack

Nude Version

Scene 3: The wight pounces on Arya, yanking her violently out of the bath

Nude Version

Scene 4: Arya faces a stiff challenge from the wight

This scene includes animated versions

Nude Version
Animated Version

Scene 5: The wight fills Arya with his corrupted seed...

This scene includes animated versions

Before Entry Version
Just the Tip Version
Balls Deep Version
Creampie Version
Anal Version

Scene 6: After strangling her, the wight cums on Arya's dead face

Is this the end of Arya?!

Nude Version

Scene 7: Jon Snow blows his load all over Daenerys... as the undead Arya attacks!

Before the Attack Version
Arya Attacks Version

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