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Featuring Princess Leia, Sansa & Arya Stark, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley,
Luna Lovegood, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Elsa & Anna, and more!

This series includes:
8 Scenes/30 Images
4K Resolution
/6x Zoom
Clothed & Nude Versions
Gag Versions
Animated Versions

Bound, gagged, and completely helpless, some of your favorite heroines are about to find themselves in serious peril.

This series features 8 standalone scenes of different heroines in desperate and dire circumstances...

Scene 1: Darth Vader is enjoying his interrogation of Princess Leia

(But little does he know... or does he?!)

Clothed & Flaccid Version
Clothed & Erect Version
Nude Version
Nude & Creampie Version

Scene 2: Hermione and Ginny wander too far into the Forbidden Forest

That centaur is looking particularly pleased...

Uniform Version
Panties Version
Nude Version

Scene 3: You tie up Hermione and give her an anal creampie (POV & Animated)

This scene includes animated versions

Nude & Gagged Version
Anal Gape & Creampie
Nude, Gagged, & Creampie Version

Scene 4: Elsa & Anna are captured by the evil Hans

Nude & Gagged Version
Clothed & Cumshot Version
Torn Dresses & Cumshot Version
Nude, Cumshot, & Creampie Version

Scene 5: Harley Quinn sees just how far she can get her bat up Wonder Woman's ass

Armor Version
Armor & Gagged Version
Nude Version
Nude & Gagged Version
Nude & X-ray Version

Scene 6: Sansa and Arya celebrate the news of Jon Snow's true parental line...

(Of course, he was a bit shy, so they had to tie him down)

Nude & Facial Version
Nude & Rag Gag Version

Scene 7: Luna initiates Hermione into the underground world of bondage at Hogwarts

She starts by introducing Hermione to Shibari, or the Japanese art of rope bondage.

Hermione was a little hesitant, so Luna had to bring out the cane...

Note: this scene was moved from another series and doesn't include a gagged version

Uniform Version
Sweater Version
Nude Preview

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Scene 8: Professor Snape trains Hermione how to be a good slave...

Needless to say, he's not easily impressed.

Note: this scene was moved from another series and doesn't include a gagged version

Nude Crop Version
Nude Slave Version
Facial Version

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