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Harry loses a bet to the Weasley Twins and now is forced to complete their dare:

Sneak into the girl's dorm and pop Hermione's anal cherry, *without* waking her up.

But secretly, Fred & George have their own dare going... and it involves their virgin younger sister, Ginny. ; P

This series includes a smoking hot companion story by Max Walker.

Note: This series takes place in an extra year at Hogwarts when all characters are over 18 years old.


"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good", Harry whispered.

The Marauders Map quickly revealed itself, black ink spreading across the parchment showing the layout of Hogwarts and all its inhabitants. Hiding under his duvet, Harry used the light of his wand to study the map.

He scanned his dorm and the common room first, making sure no students were studying late or sneaking in or out. All was quiet and as it should be. Then he glanced over to the girl's dorms. Laid out as a mirror copy of the boy's dorm, it too was quiet. The target of his planned activity was marked as a small black dot tagged 'Hermione Granger'... (Click below to read the rest of the Prologue)

Scene 1

Harry moved, climbing onto the messy bed. Books and scrolls covered half the mattress. Hermione was a true nerd, obsessed with knowledge. Her need to know the answer to every question was overwhelming.

An everburning candle was set on her bedside table, casting a pool of warm amber light. At times, she would "fall down the rabbit hole" and spend all night reading without realizing. Luckily, it was not one of those nights.

Hermione had fallen asleep atop the bedsheets. Like most nights, she likely fell asleep while reading hence the still-lit candle and books strewn across her bed. Harry studied his friend's face for a moment. Asleep and relaxed, she looked adorable. She often worried, and it showed in her face, clouding over her otherwise pretty features.

With nearly dying every year at school, her worry was understandable.

Harry's eyes moved lower. The sleeping teen wore an oversized pink tank top and white panties. With a simple spell, her shirt disappeared only to reappear a few feet away... (Click below to read the rest of Scene 1)

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Scene 2

Harry’s cock was still hard as iron despite having just cum. Youthful virility and the anticipation of what was next maintaining his erection. Hermione’s tits bounced as Harry pulled her further down the bed then flipped her onto her front. Folding a pillow in half, he shoved it under her hips, making her ass pop up. Perfectly posed to show off her cute bum.

Harry hadn’t anticipated being so entranced by Hermione’s nude body. Obviously, to a teenage boy, seeing any girl naked is incredible. However, Harry hadn’t expected Hermione to have such a fantastic body... (Click below to read the rest of Scene 2)

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Scene 3

Harry held himself deep inside Hermione's tightly clenched ass as he came. The hot flood of his cum triggering the sleeping girl's climax. The feel of her cunt quivering and shaking bled through the thin membrane separating her pussy from Harry cock.

His balls ached from the intensity of his orgasm. He gently massaged Hermione's reddened ass waiting for Hermione's anus to relent its firm grip... (Click below to read the rest of Scene 3)

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Scene 4

Harry was utterly captivated by the erotic tableau before him. Ginny was using one hand to feed herself the massive load Harry had coated her with. Her other hand was between her legs, rubbing her engorged clit. The submissive act of serving as Harry's cum slut had her on the edge of orgasm.

To her, Harry's cum was ambrosia. Sweet nectar. Delicious beyond compare.

"Damn Fred. Who knew our baby sis was such a naughty cum slut?"

"And so submissive too."

Harry froze as Fred and George stepped into view. Ginny squeaked in embarrassment and pulled a pillow to her chest. The flush of arousal that turned her face red turned darker.

"Oh, don't stop on our account," Fred said with a wry grin... (Click below to read the rest of the Scene 4 erotic companion story)

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Scene 5

Hogwarts Library, the Forbidden Section.

Hermione gasped and moaned as another orgasm tore through her. She barely managed to hold back a scream as her legs trembled and chest heaved. She shook as her pussy clenched and spurted, her orgasmic juices running down her thighs. One hand strummed her sensitive clit while the other pulled and pinched her firm little nipples.

Her jeans and panties pushed down around to just below her knees, her tee, sweater and bra pushed up over her breasts. All the tension left her body, and she slumped to the floor, exhausted. The heavily stacked bookcases towered over her, the long isles disappearing into the distance.

The sweaty and red-faced teen pushed herself upright against a bookcase. Her wand was casting a cool halo of light around her. She has been studying when four sudden and unexpected consecutive orgasms sent her into a sexual delirium.

Phantom sensations and pleasure that came from nowhere. She was helpless to resist as the sexual feeling spread through her entire body. It wasn't long before she was rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits, chasing relief and sweet release.

As clarity returned to her thoughts, she realized what had happened. Sympathetic temporal transference. It was always a possibility with time travel: Shared emotions and even physical sensations between two versions of herself... (Click below to read the rest of the Scene 5 erotic companion story)

Messy Facial Version
Messy Facial & Cum in Mouth Version


Hermione awoke to find herself alone in her bed. Now morning, the timeline had returned to ordinary, leaving her with the only version of herself. If not for her bedsheets still smelling of sex and remnants of dry cum on her skin, she would have thought last night a dream.

She had arrived back at her dorm in full "hell hath no fury" mode, ready to inflict a world of hurt on whoever was violating her other self. Her plan was doomed to fail, however.

After being blackmailed by the Weasley twins, she found herself on her knees, deep-throating both their cocks.

Kneeling right there beside her, the alternate timeline version of herself who was obediently deep-throating Harry. If not for the ease she saw her other self taking Harry's cock to the root, she would have never believed she could take the twins.

What surprised her even more was how aroused it made her feel. Not just the act of deep-throating itself but the fact she was being blackmailed and coerced.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the Patil twins walked in, both wrapped in towels, their hair wet.

"Hey sleepyhead. Late night or something. You're usually the first one up."  Parvati said.

As soon as the dorm room door closed, both twins dropped their towels. Being naked in front of each other was nothing new. Ginny, Hermione, and the twins saw each other naked on an almost daily basis. It was the norm.

Today was different, however. Upon seeing the twin’s sexy young bodies in all their naked glory, Hermione felt aroused. There was a strange flutter in her stomach, her nipples hardened, her pussy tingled, and she felt herself blush.

Hermione had never felt any bi-curious feelings before. She has never even shared a platonic kiss with a friend. That was something else that had changed last night. After receiving a facial from the Weasley twins, Hermione found herself, the other-self, that is, sharing the cum that adorned her face.

She has never really understood the Patil sisters' relationship. Hermione was an only child. Ginny was her closest friend and the nearest thing she had to a sister. Last night however, when cum swapping jizz with the other version of herself, she started to understand.

But that was last night. Her typically brilliant brain is the victim of her unexpected arousal. Now, with her mind mostly her own again, the feeling scared her.

"I'm fine. Just studying late," she said.

It wasn't a lie. She has been studying late. It just wasn't the whole truth either.

The twins were still naked and hadn't made any move to get dressed. Hermione averted her gaze from getting her conflicted feelings under control. She noticed the time and was shocked at how late it was.

In a slight panic, she grabbed her towel and wrapped herself in her bathrobe, and rushed to the showers. She forced herself to avoid looking at any of the other girls showering, afraid of what feeling might start to surface. Instead, she concentrated on making sure every piece of evidence from last night was washed from her body.


Despite the fatigue and tiredness he felt, Harry was in a good mood as he headed to the great hall for breakfast. He had completed the twin’s dare by taking Hermione's anal virginity while she slept. He hadn't stopped there either fucking her virgin pussy as well. And to top things off, he had gained a sexy and submissive girlfriend in Ginny.

His only real regret was the unexpected arrival of the twins. Fred and George had claimed the honor of taking their sister’s virginity with a DP. While Ginny's older twin brothers obviously knew, Harry had yet to tell Ron he was screwing his little sister. But he wasn't going to let that possibly awkward conversation ruin his good mood.

"Good morning Harry. You have a spring in your step this morning." said an instantly recognizable light and lilting voice from Harry's side.

"Hey Luna."

Harry glanced at the pretty if not slightly odd blond beside him. He started to wonder, could it work more than once? Last night was illuminating. He knew the strategy worked. A few tweaks, and it could be foolproof.

A late-night visit to the Ravenclaw dorms, and there was no reason he couldn't fuck Luna. It didn't need to be limited to the starry-eyed blond either.

There was Cho, the cute Asian that, despite his best efforts, Harry had never managed to score with. Katy Brown and Lavender Bell had always caught his eye. Even a few of the high and mighty Slytherin sluts Harry would get a thrill out of fucking.

Not to forget the Patil twins. Last night, he had realized just how attractive the Indian twins were. He regretted striking out at the tri-wizard tournament ball. The fact the sisters shared a bed intrigued him as well.

With the defeat of Voldemort last year, this year had actually been disappointingly dull. But things were certainly starting to look up for Harry's final year at Hogwarts...

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