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Harry loses a bet to the Weasley Twins and now is forced to complete their dare:

Sneak into the girl's dorm and pop Hermione's anal cherry, *without* waking her up.

But secretly, Fred & George have their own dare going... and it involves their virgin younger sister, Ginny. ; P

This series includes a smoking hot companion story by Max Walker.

Note: This series takes place in the final year at Hogwarts when all characters are over 18 years old.


"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good", Harry whispered.

The Marauders Map quickly revealed itself, black ink spreading across the parchment showing the layout of Hogwarts and all its inhabitants. Hiding under his duvet, Harry used the light of his wand to study the map.

He scanned his dorm and the common room first, making sure no students were studying late or sneaking in or out. All was quiet and as it should be. Then he glanced over to the girl's dorms. Laid out as a mirror copy of the boy's dorm, it too was quiet. The target of his planned activity was marked as a small black dot tagged 'Hermione Granger'... (Click below to read the rest of the Prologue)

Scene 1

Harry moved, climbing onto the messy bed. Books and scrolls covered half the mattress. Hermione was a true nerd, obsessed with knowledge. Her need to know the answer to every question was overwhelming.

An everburning candle was set on her bedside table, casting a pool of warm amber light. At times, she would "fall down the rabbit hole" and spend all night reading without realizing. Luckily, it was not one of those nights.

Hermione had fallen asleep atop the bedsheets. Like most nights, she likely fell asleep while reading hence the still-lit candle and books strewn across her bed. Harry studied his friend's face for a moment. Asleep and relaxed, she looked adorable. She often worried, and it showed in her face, clouding over her otherwise pretty features.

With nearly dying every year at school, her worry was understandable.

Harry's eyes moved lower. The sleeping teen wore an oversized pink tank top and white panties. With a simple spell, her shirt disappeared only to reappear a few feet away... (Click below to read the rest of Scene 1)

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