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Featuring Hit Girl (18+), Scarlet Witch & Darcy Lewis, Beth Harmon (Queen's Gambit), Harley Quinn & Ratcatcher, Black Widows (Natasha & Yelena), Rapunzel, Chani & Lady Jessica (Dune), and Sylvie (Loki)

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Following up on my most popular series, this will feature 10 new heroines getting enthusiastically splattered, throated, and facially abused.

Scene 1: Spiderman catches Hit Girl in his web and fills her mouth with spidey-cum

Look what Spidey caught in his web!

Note: Hit Girl is over 18 years old in this scene!

Catsuit Version
Catsuit with Cumshot Version
Torn Catsuit Version
Torn Catsuit with Cumshot Version
Nude Version
Nude with Cumshot Version

Scene 2: Scarlet Witch & Darcy get tied up and facialized after Vision finally snaps (POV)

Vision has been jerked around long enough by Wanda and just can't take it anymore.

He ties Darcy up in the basement and throats them both with his massive cyborg cock.

Then he fills their pleading mouths with his hot cum.

Clean Version
Messy Facial Version

Scene 3: The patrons of the Snuggly Duckling give Rapunzel a warm welcome

Unfortunately, it doesn't go so well for her trusty sidekick chameleon, Pascal. Womp womp : (

Dress Version
Torn Dress Version
Nude & Cum Pool Version

Scene 4: After some gin & pills, Beth gets a bottle in her ass and hot cum in her mouth

Beth's photo shoot with Townes starts out innocently enough.

Then he plies her with gin, whiskey, and some tranquilizers to help her relax...

By the end, he's shoved a whiskey bottle into her ass, cum in her pussy, and finished off in her mouth.

And he's got the photos to prove it.


Dress Version
Dress & Facial Version
Nude Version
Nude & Facial Version
Facial & Creampie Version
Bottle in her Ass Version

Scene 5: Hitgirl tries to join the Avengers... so they break her in bukkake style

Plus a little bondage, spanking, and anal beading ; p

Suit Version
School Uniform Version
Nude Version
Bukkake Version
Spanked Version
Spanked & Bukkake Version

Scene 6: Sylvie gets gang-banged by Loki and his new friends on Lamentis

After Sylvie falls asleep on the train, Loki gets a super mischevious idea.

With her mental defenses down, he enchants Sylvie...

And it's gang-bang time for the rest of the train ride!

Gang-Bang Variant 1
Gang-Bang Variant 2
Messy Facial 2 Variant
Messy Facial 2 Variant
Battle Bruises Variant
XRay Anal Variant

Scene 7: Natasha & Yelena give Papa Red Guardian a loving welcome home

After breaking out of Siberian prison, Red Guardian has a LOT of energy.

So the Black Widow sisters give their papa some help feeling better ; p

Double Blowjob Version 1
Double Blowjob Version 2
Double Blowjob Version 3
Double Blowjob Version 4

Scene 8: Harley Quinn & Ratcatcher get a sticky interrogation on Corto-Maltese

Harley Quinn's a bit afraid and a bit excited when they pull out the stun gun.

But Ratcatcher is just trying to focus on guiding Sebastian, as she gets filled with hot cum.

Can Sebastian bite through the ropes in time to free them?!

Red Dress Version
Torn Dress Version
Nude Version
Messy Mascara Version
Messy Mascara - In the Eye Version
Internal Cumshot Xray Version
XRay - Messy Mascara Version
Roughed Up Version

Scene 9: Chani licks Paul's hot cum off Lady Jessica's face

Chani & Lady Jessica's stillsuits malfunction, so Paul generously shares his fluids.

Lady Jessica is shocked when the hot cum hits her, but Chani doesn't miss a beat and thirstily laps it up.

If you haven't seen Dune yet, check it out - it's so good!

Open Wide Version
Licking Cum - Stillsuits Version
Mommy's Thirsty Version
Open Wide - Nude Version

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