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Featuring Dora the Explorer, Bella Swan (Twilight), Black Widow, Belle, Arya Stark,
Sansa Stark, Rey Skywalker, and Elsa & Anna

8 Scenes/32+ Images
4K Resolution
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Front/Rear Views
Dressed & Nude Versions
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This series features 9 of my favorite heroines in stand-alone scenes, taking it deep in their ass for the very first time.

NOTE: All characters in the scenes are 18+ years of age!

Scene 1: Dora the Explorer pays the price to enter the forbidden Incan City of Gold

Apparently the Incans get to enter something forbidden in return...

Meanwhile, Boots is really enjoying this new side of Dora!

Boob Out Version
Nude Version
Pink Shirt Version (Front/Rear)
Boob Out Version (Front/Rear)
Titties Out Version (Front/Rear)
Nude Version (Front/Rear)

Scene 2: Bella joins the wolf pack and is shocked to discover they do everything doggystyle...

Anal Version
Xray Anal Version
Anal with Cum Dribbles Version
Xray Anal with Cum Dribbles Version

Scene 3: Black Widow gets her anal initiation by Red Guardian (with a little help from Taskmaster)

Torn Suit Version
Anal with Face Uncovered Version
Anal Version
Anal Xray Version
Anal with Eyes Rolled Version
Anal Xray with Eyes Rolled Version
Anal Animation
Anal Xray Animation

Scene 4: Sansa Stark is shocked as the White Walker's freezing cum burns deep inside her

After Bran and Arya are slain by the Night King, Winterfell is overrun by the undead army...

Clothed Version
Torn Clothing Version
Nude Version
Torn Clothing with Internal Cumshot Xray
Nude with Internal Cumshot Xray
Nude Internal Cumshot Portrait Version

Scene 5: In the Jedi cave, Rey's training takes an unexpected turn...

Yoda and Luke introduce Rey to an age-old Jedi initiation ritual for female padawan.

And apparently you can feel force ghosts after all!

Outfit Version
Torn Outfit Version
Torn Outfit with Facial Version
Nude Version
Nude with Facial Version

Scene 6: Elsa & Anna get blacked by Lieutenant Mattias

In gratitude for his service, Elsa said he could choose any reward he wished.

So he bent them over and absolutely wrecked their asses.

Worth the wait!

Nude Version
Nude with Elsa Cumshot Version
Nude with Double Cumshot Version
Cock Out Version
Cock Xray Version
Cock Xray with Cumshots Version

Scene 7: Belle gets anally impaled on the Beast's monstrous cock

After failing to escape and almost killing herself in the process, the Beast gives her a lesson she won't soon forget...

First he takes her virginity and fills her belly with his seed.

Then, still not satisfied, he slides his foot-long cock deep into her ass, ignoring her cries of pain.

After that night, she never tried to escape again...

Nude Version
Xray Version

Scene 8: Arya loses a drinking contest to Tyrion... and her tight little ass is the prize!

At an alehouse in Kings Landing, Arya has a few too many drinks and unwisely challenges Tyrion to a drinking contest.

Needless to say, he beats her handily.

Unable to believe his luck, Tyrion bends her over the table, climbs onto a chair, and thrusts his cock into her sweet little virgin ass.

See if you can find the Easter egg in the last version! (Thanks to Max Walker for the idea ; )

Nude Version
Xray Version
Internal Cumshot Version
Easter Egg Version

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