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Featuring Danaerys Targaryen, Hermione Granger, Padme Amidala, Gamora,
Mantis, Arwen (LOTR), Elizabeth Swann, and Dora the Explorer (18+)

7 Scenes/28+ Images
4K Resolution
/6x Zoom
Dressed & Nude Versions
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This series features 8 different heroines at the tender mercy of various monsters and beasts.

Expect lots of tentacles, teeth, and monster cocks!

Scene 1: Danaerys is dragged off to a watery grave after Euron Greyjoy summons a kraken

Maybe going by sea wasn't such a good idea after all?

Nude Version
Tentacle Xray Version

Scene 2: Deep in the Forbidden Forest, Hermione & Ginny are impregnated by a monstrous giant spider

The female spider implants her eggs deep inside her victims and then paralyzes them with its venomous bite.

When the hundreds of spiderlings emerge from the vagina a few days later, their first meal already awaits them.

Will Harry and Ron save them in time?!?

Uniform Version
Torn Uniform Version
Nude Version
Nude Xray - Egg Implantation

Scene 3: As Rivendell is sacked, Arwen gets 12 inches of monster orc cock

After the capture of Frodo and Samwise, the dark forces of Sauron overrun Middle Earth and Rivendell is sacked.

It is during this terrible battle that Arwen, daughter of Elrond, is brutally impregnated by an orc.

The offspring of this union, a half-orc and half-elf daughter, goes on to lead a rebellion that ultimately destroys Lord Sauron, lifting the veil of darkness from Middle Earth.

Torn Dress Version
Nude Version
Cock Xray Version

Scene 4: Padme Amidala gets stripped and double-stuffed on Geonosis

Padme thought the Nexu would devour her... but ends up it was more horny than hungry.

The crowd loved it, so one of the Geonosian guards joined in to help fill all her holes with alien cum.

In the background, the Reek stomps the now disfigured and almost lifeless body of Anakin.

Torn Outfit Version
Zoom Out Version
Nude Version
Xray Version

Scene 5: Elizabeth Swann gets it all-the-way-through from a kraken tentacle

short story by Max Walker

The rigging of the Black Pearl creaked ominously, the black waters lapping quietly against the hull. Lit only by the partial moon, a slender silhouette moved slowly across the deck. Passing the mainmast, Elizabeth Swann paused momentarily; the memories of her earlier ordeal flashed through her mind.

The coarse rope that bit into her soft skin as she struggled against her bond. The taunting yells and shouts from the crew as they waited their turn. The hot streaks of cum covering her body as each crew member unloaded on the helpless young woman. The salty taste of their cum in her mouth...

Inside Her Version
All-the-way-through (ATWT) Version
ATWT Xray Version

Scene 6: Beneath the pyramids of Egypt, Dora the Explorer (18+) gets a brutal anal from Sobek

In their search for the Golden Scarab, Dora and Boots enter the buried Temple of Anubis.

But before Dora can stop him, Boots scampers up to the Golden Scarab, triggering an ancient curse.

An avatar of the crocodile-headed god Sobek appears to properly punish this tomb robber.

As we've said before to Dora: Boots is not your friend, and is enjoying this all way too much!

Note: Dora as drawn here is over 18 years old

Pink Shirt Version
Torn Shirt Version
Sneak peek of Nude Version
Cum Drips Version
Xray Version
Rearview Version
Front & Rear Version
Theatrical Version

Scene 7: Rocket & Drax install 24/7 fuck stations on the ship... featuring Gamora & Mantis 😲

And Groot gives it a try as well.

Starlord is NOT going to happy when he gets back!

Mantis 24/7 Fuck Station Version
Mantis 24/7 Fuck Station Xray Version
Double 24/7 Fuck Station Version
Double 24/7 Fuck Stations Xray Version

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