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Aadya, Age 18 (Goa, India)


First-year Student at Goa University, majoring in Marine Sciences; Assistant Scuba Trainer


Snorkeling and scuba diving; Her ASMR Channel; Traditional Thai dance

Future Dreams:

Becoming a marine biologist and protecting the ocean life around Goa

My favorite memories with Aadya:

1) Strolling through Fontainhas (the Portuguese Quarter) of Panaji together

2) Snorkeling together in the Indian Ocean

3) The threesome with Aadya and Jane!

From the gorgeous tropical state of Goa in India

I finally left Scotland in late September, once Jane started university.

I didn't want to be a distraction for her as she experienced college for the first time.

I blessed her to meet or date anyone she liked and she did the same for me.

But we agreed we'd meet up during her next break in October.

I traveled back home to the Netherlands for a bit, and then headed to Goa, somewhere I'd dreamt of going for many years.

The beauty of Goa did not disappoint and weeks flew by very quickly.

Towards the end, I had the great fortune of meeting Aadya, a half-Indian and half-Thai girl as beautiful as Goa herself.

I took some scuba diving lessons and she was one of the assistant teachers, despite being only 18 years old.

We hit it off and before long she was introducing me to the vibrant Goan capital of Panaji, where she grew up.

But she was just as intrigued by my work and soon revealed quite a different side of herself.

Besides being a straight A student at Goa University, she runs a secret (from her parents) ASMR channel with light erotic themes.

(Listen to her soft spoken intro below).

With Jane visiting in a couple weeks, I couldn't help wonder if she might be up for a threesome?

Stay tuned to find out!

Aadya Introduces Herself

Here's Aadya's soft spoken intro that she recorded for this gallery:

Aadya's SFW Gallery

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Aadya in her wetsuit

Our First Meeting

A few weeks into my stay in Goa, I decided to finally learn how to scuba dive. The tour company took us to Suzy's Wreck, an old WWII sunken British ship that's teeming with sea life. I was excited to do the dive, but even more so when I met the assistant trainer: Aadya! She was easily the most beautiful girl I'd met on the trip. Half-Indian and half-Thai, with a delicate accent and a gentle manner, I also immediately felt a connection between us. I was lucky enough to be assigned to her small group, so she was the one who guided me on my first ever dive. Here's her walking me through the basics on breathing before we fully suited up.


Lunch at Aunty Maria

Lunch at Aunty Maria

Aadya is so gorgeous and graceful, I figured I had about zero chance of seeing her again. But taking a chance, I asked if she'd like to join me for lunch tomorrow. To my surprise, she agreed and suggested her favorite spot, Aunty Maria, known for its 24-hour breakfast options. The next day at Aunty Maria, the aroma of fresh coffee and warm croissants filled the air. Aadya recommended the omelettes and croissants, and they were amazing - fluffy eggs paired with buttery, flaky croissants. Our conversation flowed really effortlessly. She shared some stories about her adventures diving, including a close call with a Bull Shark a few years back. I shared about my travels, but didn't quite feel comfortable yet telling her about the full nature of my work. As we finished off, she offered to take me on a tour of the Portuguese district. Definitely a yes from me!

In the Portuguese District

Strolling through Salcete (the Portuguese District)

We ended up spending hours walking through the Portuguese district, with all the twisty lanes and colorful houses. She told me about some of the history of the place, but mostly was sharing childhood memories, as this is where she grew up. She even showed me where she had her first kiss at age 16! I thought that was a bit odd that she shared that with me. Most Indian girls definitely would not have gone there. I also noticed she was a bit flirty and a few times touched hands with me or brushed me, then discreetly checked my reaction. Very cute and a bit forward for the culture here. There is definitely something more to this girl than I first thought!

Listen to Aadya's soft spoken tour of Salcete above

In her garden

We Take a Chance

By the time we said goodbye that night, the electricity between the two of us was very palpable. I didn't make a move though, as I still wanted her to have the full picture about me and what I do before we got intimate at all. We ended up meeting the next morning at her home, as her parents were out of town for the weekend. She lives in a very beautiful house with a gorgeous garden around it. Fortified with tea and muffins, I shared with her the full truth about my travels and my work, and then inwardly cringed as I waited for her reaction. She was silent for a while. I was ready to pack up my stuff. But then she smiled at me, a bit slyly I thought, and said, "I also have a confession to make. In many ways I am a very traditional girl. But in other ways..." And she shared with me about her erotic ASMR channel, completely hidden from her parents and friends.

A Fruitful Lunch

A Fruitful Lunch

I was afraid sharing the truth would make it super awkward between us. But it was the opposite. Confiding in each other just brought us closer and before long we shared our first kiss (and bit more ; p) in that beautiful garden. Somehow the topic came around to durian and she said excitedly she wanted me to try it out. We went to a cafe around the corner and got a sizable piece of it in a plastic container. As soon as we opened it - wow, the smell hit me. Sulfur? Rotting onions? Sewage? My face must have said it all as Aadya was laughing hysterically at my reaction. She assured it me was very tasty and the most nutritious of all the fruits. She pinched a good amount off and, not wanting to let her down, I dutifully took a mouthful from her hand. The texture was almost like custard, but the taste was actually not bad. Sort of like sweet jackfruit with some funk also happening. I just held my breath. After I choked down a bit more, Aadya looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes and said, "I want to pose for you!"

The First Photoshoot

The First Photoshoot

I really did choke right then and had to drink some water. I was NOT expecting to her that at all. Aadya bit her lip. "It's perfect. My parents are gone all weekend. We can do the first shoot in my home! I'll be a lot more comfortable that way." I pushed back a bit and said maybe we should take it slower, but she poo-pooed my protests in that funny soft-spoken yet firm way of hers. At first she's so graceful and gentle and a bit quiet you might take her for a pushover. But she's got a very strong mind of her own and is quite determined when there's something she wants. And apparently, this was most definitely something she wanted to do. Today. So we went back to her home and began the shoot, beginning with some basic but lovely portraits of her. Here's my favorite of the close-up shots.

In her panties

Off with the Pants...

She ran into the house and came back with a whole pile of clothes. "I'll try on different outfits!" And without further ado she turned her back to me, shucked off her shirt, and changed into another one, giving me a tantalizing peek at her sideboob. Then with no warning she dropped her pants, revealing her sexy white thong panties. Let's just say my soldier was at full attention by that point. She sat cross-legged and I got a tasteful shot of her from the waist up.

Popping out the twins

Popping Out the Twins

Then, struck getting an idea, she ran back into the house and beckoned for me to follow. She put on some sexy jean shorts and a very low cut white top - and I mean VERY low cut - and then, giving me a naughty look, parted open the long neck of the shirt, exposing her absolutely gorgeous breasts. I was so taken aback I almost forgot to take the photo. "Do you like them?" she asked, looking a bit shy all of a sudden. I put the camera down, walked over to her and held her gaze with loving eyes. "I love them," I said, and kissed her. She kissed me back, softly at first, then with passion, and then pulled my head to her chest. I gladly nuzzled and kissed her delicate neck and collar bones, before trailing down between her breasts. Then I licked and teased her nipples, making her gasp and arch her back. It was very clear where this was all going!

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An evening from heaven...

Much of that whole night is a blur for me now - a very, very pleasurable blur!

We continued the photoshoot, with Aadya enthusiastically trying on different outfits, revealing more and more of her gorgeous body.

I was rock-hard the entire time - it was such a tease!

Every once and a while she would come over and give me a lingering kiss, or stroke my chest, but she wouldn't let me touch her at all.

When she suddenly slid her hand down my belly and cupped my cock, I almost came right then and there.

Finally, when I felt like I couldn't take it anymore, she led me to her bedroom. The house was still pretty hot from the day and we both had a sheen of sweat on our skin.

Any lingering ideas of her being shy and demure ended pretty quickly.

After we made passionate love and I came inside her, she was on her knees, coaxing me back to life with her soft tongue and her tits beaded with sweat.

As soon as she got me hard again, she got on all fours on the bed and presented her tight little asshole to me.

I didn't need any other encouragement. Her ass was gripped my cock like a hot sleeve and it wasn't long before I emptied by balls inside her once again.

We took a little break, got some food, and then talked for a couple of hours, just lingering in the bliss of the moment.

Then, right before heading to bed, she went to work on me again with her tongue and tits, until I came again painting her chest with my cum.

It was just then I got the call from Jane. She arrived a week early and was at the airport!!

To be continued...