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Aadya, Age 18 (Goa, India)


First-year Student at Goa University, majoring in Marine Sciences; Assistant Scuba Trainer


Snorkeling and scuba diving; Her ASMR Channel; Traditional Thai dance

Future Dreams:

Becoming a marine biologist and protecting the ocean life around Goa

My favorite memories with Aadya:

1) Strolling through Fontainhas (the Portuguese Quarter) of Panaji together

2) Snorkeling together in the Indian Ocean

3) The threesome with Aadya and Jane!

From the gorgeous tropical state of Goa in India

I finally left Scotland in late September, once Jane started university.

I didn't want to be a distraction for her as she experienced college for the first time.

I blessed her to meet or date anyone she liked and she did the same for me.

But we agreed we'd meet up during her next break in October.

I traveled back home to the Netherlands for a bit, and then headed to Goa, somewhere I'd dreamt of going for many years.

The beauty of Goa did not disappoint and weeks flew by very quickly.

Towards the end, I had the great fortune of meeting Aadya, a half-Indian and half-Thai girl as beautiful as Goa herself.

I took some scuba diving lessons and she was one of the assistant teachers, despite being only 18 years old.

We hit it off and before long she was introducing me to the vibrant Goan capital of Panaji, where she grew up.

But she was just as intrigued by my work and soon revealed quite a different side of herself.

Besides being a straight A student at Goa University, she runs a secret (from her parents) ASMR channel with light erotic themes.

(Listen to her soft spoken intro below).

With Jane visiting in a couple weeks, I couldn't help wonder if she might be up for a threesome?

Stay tuned to find out!

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Aadya Introduces Herself

Here's Aadya's soft spoken intro that she recorded for this gallery:

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Aadya in her wetsuit

Our First Meeting

A few weeks into my stay in Goa, I decided to finally learn how to scuba dive. The tour company took us to Suzy's Wreck, an old WWII sunken British ship that's teeming with sea life. I was excited to do the dive, but even more so when I met the assistant trainer: Aadya! She was easily the most beautiful girl I'd met on the trip. Half-Indian and half-Thai, with a delicate accent and a gentle manner, I also immediately felt a connection between us. I was lucky enough to be assigned to her small group, so she was the one who guided me on my first ever dive. Here's her walking me through the basics on breathing before we fully suited up.


Lunch at Aunty Maria

Lunch at Aunty Maria

Aadya is so gorgeous and graceful, I figured I had about zero chance of seeing her again. But taking a chance, I asked if she'd like to join me for lunch tomorrow. To my surprise, she agreed and suggested her favorite spot, Aunty Maria, known for its 24-hour breakfast options. The next day at Aunty Maria, the aroma of fresh coffee and warm croissants filled the air. Aadya recommended the omelettes and croissants, and they were amazing - fluffy eggs paired with buttery, flaky croissants. Our conversation flowed really effortlessly. She shared some stories about her adventures diving, including a close call with a Bull Shark a few years back. I shared about my travels, but didn't quite feel comfortable yet telling her about the full nature of my work. As we finished off, she offered to take me on a tour of the Portuguese district. Definitely a yes from me!

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