The Good Place

Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen B.) gets a hard spanking & her first-time anal


Eleanor Shellstrop gets a hard spanking & her first-time anal

Eleanor figures out that she's not in the Good Place, but devises a new plan to convince Michael to let her into heaven.

What could go wrong?!

So she strips naked and gives him an eyeful of her virgin pink asshole.

But she is NOT ready what comes next.

First, he agrees to let her into heaven - it worked!

But then out of nowhere he gives her a hard spanking, totally shocking her.

Then, after fingering and stretching her ass a bit, he unveils his 14" demonic cock.

Eleanor yelps in protest, but it is too late... the deal is done!

In the end, Michael kept his end of the bargain, sort of.

Eleanor is relocated to heaven... as the newest fucktoy for Frozen fetishists who led really good lives.

Gonna be chilly in snowy Arendelle!

Eleanor has a new plan...
Shocked by a hard spanking!
Fingered in the ass
Reamed by a 14" cock!

Slide the bar across to strip Eleanor ; p. It's gonna get chilly!

Is this heaven?!

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