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Trials of the Jedi: A Test of Darkness

Featuring: Rey Skywalker & Luke Skywalker

Part 1: The First Trial

An Unwelcome Visitor...

Luke never really planned on becoming a recluse.

Oh, the idea had its allure after Ben's fall, a twisted comfort in the isolation of this forgotten Jedi place.

The Force swirled thickly around the island, a strange symphony of ancient power and sorrow that suited his mood.

But self-pity had a way of curdling a man's soul, leaving him bitter, not enlightened.

He'd grown into his exile, shaped into a cranky hermit by the weight of his choices.

And then she arrived.


A beacon of hope he had sworn to extinguish.

The Force buzzed around her, vibrant and raw, and her eyes held that same damn unwavering determination that had once been his hallmark.

It was a determination he had crushed in himself, and to see it mirrored back at him now rankled more than he liked to admit.

Luke gave her grueling tasks.

Days began with meditation on the sharp cliff edges, eight hours staring into the sea's endless churn until her mind screamed for mercy.

Afternoons were devoted to the island's upkeep – repairing crumbling walls, tilling hard earth until her hands blistered, fishing with primitive nets that yielded more seaweed than sustenance.

Yet she endured, her eyes gleaming with a stubborn strength that poked at his own faltering resolve.

One afternoon, tasked with clearing a rock slide, Rey found herself wedged under an unyielding boulder.

With a groan, Luke turned from repairing his fishing net, the irritation clear on his weathered face. "What now?" he barked.

"A little help, Master Skywalker?" she asked, a stubborn edge to her voice.

Instead of the Force, Luke hoisted a rusted crowbar from his tool belt. "Give that a try. Leverage, that is."

With a huff of exertion and a resounding crack, the boulder shifted. Rey scrambled free, a mix of triumph and chagrin on her face.

Luke caught the unspoken thanks in her eyes, and it only hardened his resolve. He couldn't break her spirit with chores or silent treatments.

That night, as the twin suns dipped into the endless sea, Luke had a grim realization. This girl, with her raw potential and defiance mirroring his own, wouldn't be driven off so easily.

If Luke wanted his solitude, he'd have to force her out.

A twisted sort of excitement ignited in him, mingling with the old shame.

A New Plan...

He'd finally show her the darkness, the truth that had driven him here.

If that didn't make her flee, nothing would.

The next morning, he watched her as she meditated near the edge of the cliff.

He had to admit, she was beautiful - that chiseled jaw, a toned body, and proud eyes.

It had been so many years since he'd last been with a woman - since his own crumbling belief in the Jedi way had freed him from celibacy.

Looking at this girl now, so innocent and full of hope...

It aroused him.

The idea of humiliating her, degrading her, breaking her in.

Instead of giving her the Jedi texts she wanted, give her 12 inches of unyielding cock.

Choke her on it, make her gag and swallow down cum each day.

Hold her down while he plundered her virgin asshole and left her begging for mercy.

Force her to face the darkness.

Then he would see. Could she endure it and not succumb?

Or would she begin down the path of Ben and his own father?

There was only one way to find out...

The moment she'd been waiting for?

Hours melted away like the sun sliding from dawn to stark noon.

Her body was long past complaining, now residing in a numb ache punctuated by bursts of white-hot cramps.

Just when she thought her screaming mind would drown out the crashing waves, blissful seconds of quiet descended.

Each one felt like a cool drink on a scorched tongue – fleeting, precious, and fueling the relentless determination she clung to.

This is why she was here. To feel it, to understand it – the Force.

Doubt crept in when the stillness was broken. Would he ever begin her training in earnest? Was he even a Jedi anymore?

Then a presence brushed against her awareness, not through the Force, but a simple, earthly shift in the air.

She forced her eyes open.

Luke Skywalker stood in front of her, his expression unreadable.

But something was different.

She could feel it, a subtle shift in his energy.

A thrill ran through her, a mix of hope and trepidation. Was this...could this finally be the moment?

Oh my gosh - he's fumbling with his belt - maybe for his lightsaber?

But then Rey felt a cold shock wash over her as she saw his erect cock spring out of his pants.

She looked up at him and he looked back with a hungry, predatory gaze.

The First Lesson...

That look of pure shock on her face - that alone was worth it.

She opened her mouth to protest but Luke gave her no time.

He closed the distance and felt the warmth of her tongue and throat around his cock as he shoved it inside her.

Before she could react, he grabbed her head and thrust forward, burying his cock in her all the way to the balls.

It felt amaaazing.

She squirmed in his grasp and choked and gagged, but he held her there, with far more strength than his age would suggest.

After a good minute choking her, he relented, letting her slide off and gasp for air.

She looked at him with fury, precum and spittle dripping off her chin.

She was just about to begin screaming in indignation, when suddenly... she stopped herself.

He could see a realization form in her mind - yes, she understood.

This was the first real test.

Her lessons had begun.

She looked up at him with grim determination and licked the cum from her lips.

Then she resumed the meditation position and opened her mouth, inviting him back in.

This girl - she was going to be difficult to scare off.

But one thing he knew - he was going to enjoy himself trying!


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Part II: The Second Trial

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