JLaw gets a surprise first-time anal
then an ass-to-mouth finish

JLaw gets a surprise first-time anal in "No Hard Feelings"

Maddie & Percy were determined to go through with it this time.

They rented a nice hotel and stocked up on the alcohol.

Pretty soon, they were naked, horny, and thoroughly drunk.

Maddie got on all fours, telling Percy to take her pussy doggystyle.

Percy, drunker than he'd ever been before, suddenly got confused.

There were *two* holes now, and which was the right one?!

He shrugged and thrust his engorged cock into the tight pink hole.

Maddie's eye's popped open and she shouted in shock & pain.

"Wrong hole, you idiot!!!"

But Percy was loving it and kept going, thrusting deeper and deeper, pulling her hips into him.

At first Maddie felt nothing but pain, but then she couldn't help feel aroused by how hot this was.

To her surprise, the mix of pain and pleasure brought her to a earth-shattering climax.

Surprise First-time Anal!

He wasn't done though.

He flipped Maddie around and present his dick, fresh out of her ass, for her to suck.

"Ew!" she said, but then got curious.

She licked it a bit and then went all in.

Percy grabbed her head and thrust his cock deep in her throat, choking her a bit.

The whole ass-to-mouth thing was so fucking hot - he pulled out and she eagerly jacked his cock until he covered her mouth with his hot cum.

She smiled, stroking his cock and getting every little bit of cum into her mouth.

Not bad Percy for his first time!

Ass-to-mouth yum yum finish

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