Barbie in

"Gangbang Barbie"

Featuring: Barbie & All the Kens

The Malibu sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the pastel-pink facade of the Dreamhouse.

Inside, a hush fell over the usually boisterous abode. Barbie, fresh from her transformative journey to the real world, stepped over the threshold with a contented sigh.

"Home sweet home," she whispered, kicking off her sparkly high heels.

But something was amiss.

The air crackled with an unfamiliar energy. Barbie's footsteps echoed through the empty hallway, her brow furrowing with concern.

"Hello?" she called out, her voice bouncing off the plastic walls.

As she rounded the corner into the living room, her eyes widened in disbelief.

A sea of Kens awaited her. Their eyes glinted with a newfound determination, their postures radiating a quiet confidence.

Barbie blinked, her mind racing to make sense of the scene. "Is this... a surprise party?" she inquired, her voice laced with cautious optimism.

In response, a ripple of movement passed through the Kens.

Bleach blond Ken stepped forward, a length of rope coiled neatly in his hand.

Then all the Ken's whipped out their cocks and began stroking them.

Barbie gasped, her heart pounding in her chest.

A million questions swirled in her mind.

What had happened to her carefree, beach-loving boyfriend and his fellow Kens?

What had they learned in the real world that had transformed them so drastically?

And most importantly, since when did they have cocks?!?

Barbie's gaze darted from cock to cock, a growing sense of dread creeping up her spine.

Ken, rope in hand, was looking at her with a strange intensity.

"Ken, honey, what are you doing with that rope?" she asked, her voice laced with concern.

"This, my dear Barbie," Ken announced dramatically, "is part of our new 'Special Fun Time Activities'."

Barbie raised an eyebrow. "Special Fun Time Activities?" she repeated slowly.

Ken nodded enthusiastically, "Yes! It's all about exploring new ways to have fun and bond with each other. I learned all about it on the internets!"

Before Barbie could respond, one of the other Kens stepped forward, stroking his absolutely massive cock.

"We're so excited, Ken!" he said brightly. "We've been practicing jacking off all week!"

"Jacking... what?" Barbie's confusion deepened.

Ken winked. "Just wait, Barbie. You're in for a treat!"

He then turned to the other Kens. "Alright, guys, remember what we practiced. Everyone get in line, don't hold back, and most importantly, make it fun!"

Turning back to Barbie, he winked, spun her around and tied her wrists behind her.

She felt a painful tug as her arms were yanked back and up and her legs were spread.

The other Ken's approached and began tearing at her dress, exposing her full breasts and shaved pussy and... what was that?
Was something tickling her back there? Then she felt a pressure... where she usually... no!!!
She cried out as Ken pushed his rock-hard cock into her asshole, "Ken, oh my gosh!"
But he didn't stop - her anus stretched wider and wider as his hot manhood slid inch by inch deeper inside of her.
Before she could say anything else, the other Ken with the massive cock grabbed her by the hair and stuffed her mouth with his schlong.
She choked and gagged as he pulled her head into him, forcing the cock deep down her throat.
Special Funtime Activities! Dress Version
Special Funtime Activities! Torn Dress Version
Nude Version
Anal Xray Version
Dress Version with Facial
Torn Dress with Facial
Nude with Facial
Anal Xray with Facial
Anal Xray with Rear View
Anal Xray with Rear View and Facial

At first there was only pain as Ken began to slam his cock balls deep into her ass.

But soon the pain gave way to a new feeling... an exciting feeling, a warm and building pleasure inside her.

Ken was right - this was fun!

Just as she thought this, both Kens thrust deeply inside her, not pulling out again.

She felt hot spurts of liquid shooting into her, filling her guts and her throat.

They pulled out and she choked again and gagged, before tasting a salty liquid in her mouth.

She turned her head and smiled at Ken, "You [cough cough] were right - that was fun!"

Ken beamed at her, "I told you so!"

She beamed back at him, with hot cum dribbling down her chin and the inside of her legs.

Ken kept beaming at her, such that she didn't even notice the next Ken until he cock tickled her asshole and another one grabbed her by the hair.

She smiled a goofy smile, here we go again!

An hour later...

By the time the 40th Ken came inside her belly, she was totally full and couldn't swallow anymore cum.

Her ass was utterly destroyed, leaking cum everywhere.

The last few Ken's just jacked off over her, cumming on her face, her tits, and her surprisingly still slim belly.

Dripping with Ken cum...

It wasn't quite as fun anymore she had to admit as it had started out.

But at least it was all over.

Just then, Ken called out, "OK, guys, great job, round one is done!"

Barbie weakly whispered, "Ah, Ken, honey, what do you mean 'round one'?"

"Oh, we've discovered we can jackoff around 6 times a day each. So no worries, my love, we're just getting started!"

And with that, Barbie's eyes crossed and she passed out on the floor of the Dreamhouse.

Ken looked at her unconscious form, then cocked his head to the side, wondering what do now.

Another Ken came up to him and said, "Hey, ever see that other video, what was it called - Sleep Creep?"

All the Ken's smiled and began gathering around Barbie once more...

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