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Featuring: Moana, Hitgirl, Katniss Everdeen, MJ, & Faith (Spring Breakers)

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In this new series, 5 sweet young heroines are going to get a birthday they'll never forget!


Scene 1: Moana is made airtight for her 18th birthday

Moana is so happy when Maui shows up for her 18th birthday.

They sneak away to a secluded beach and Maui gives her his big gift: popping her cherry!

When suddenly, the Chief (that is, her dad) shows up. So awkward!!!

But Moana is even more shocked when her dad and her cousin whip out their cocks and start filling her with hot cum!

Awkward Dad Moment - Clothed Version
Awkward Dad Moment - Nude Version
Awkward Dad Moment - Xray Version
Papa Cock Shock - Clothed Version
Papa Cock Shock - Nude Version
Papa Cock Shock - Xray Version
Airtight Version
Airtight Xray Version
Airtight Internal Cumshots Version

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Scene 2: Faith gets gangbanged at her bikini photoshoot

A senior in high school, Faith wants to earn some cash for her upcoming spring break.

So she agrees to do a bikini photoshoot.

But they insist on shooting it on her 18th birthday... with 5 naked dudes.

Looks like Faith didn't read the fine print on the contract!

Here are some outtakes from the photoshoot...

Bikini Kneeling Version
Topless - Sausagefest Version
Popped Top - Kneeling Version
Nude Kneeling Version
Crop Top Version
Bikini Version
Popped Top & Cock Shock Version
Nude Version
Gangbang Bikini Top Version
Gangbang Nude Version
Gangbang Facial Version
Gangbang Xray Version
Gangbang Internal Cumshots Version

Scene 3: MJ gives 3 Spideys a blow bang

It's MJ's 18th bday and she knows exactly what she wants.

With all 3 spideys in one universe, she wants the ultimate superhero gangbang.

But the Peter Parkers are shy about it.

So she drops to her knees and starts to suck them off to loosen them up a bit.

Clothed Version
Topless Version
No Panties Version
Nude Version

Scene 4: MJ gets cuffed & spit-roasted

MJ tells the Peter Parkers to stop being pussies and cuff her, then fuck her from both ends.

Little does she realize how fat that cock will be in her throat!

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Sequence Version
Looping Version

Scene 5: Happy birthday! The Hulk shoots his load on Hitgirl (18+)

When the Avengers told Hitgirl they were throwing her an 18th birthday party at a firing range, she was pretty excited.

Buuut... they forgot to mention that they'd be shooting hot cum and she's the target!

Hulk starts them off with a couple of great shots, scoring +40 points for getting his spunk in both her eyes.

Note: Hitgirl is, of course, 18 years old in this scene!

Catsuit & Sausage Fest Version
Nude & Facial & Sausage Fest Version
Unzipped Catsuit Version
Catsuit & Facial Version
Nude Version
Nude & Facial Version
Catsuit Solo Version
Nude & Facial Solo Version

Scene 6: Katniss gets stripped & fucked on live TV on her 18th Birthday

President Snow throws a special live TV event for Katniss's 18th birthday.

First she appears on stage tied up and he slowly strips her naked.

Then Peeta is forced to take her virginity on camera.

Little does she know, 9 other tributes are going to take all her holes next!

For the first time, I included peach fuzz all over her body, creating a new level of detail and realism. Zoom in to check it out ; )

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(Note: I'm discontinuing the themed series format and am shifting to a tagging system for each scene, which I'll roll out over the next few weeks. If you purchase this series, you'll also have access to the new tagged scenes.)

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