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Featuring: Moana, Hitgirl, Arya Stark, Dora the Explorer, Hermione Granger, MJ, Faith (Spring Breakers), & Sabrina the Teenage Witch

8 Scenes/42+ Images
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Dressed & Nude Versions
Cock X-ray Versions

This series is currently in progress.

Check back often for new scenes as I complete them!

In this new series, 8 sweet young heroines are going to get a birthday they'll never forget!


Scene 1: Moana is made airtight for her 18th birthday

Moana is so happy when Maui shows up for her 18th birthday.

They sneak away to a secluded beach and Maui gives her his big gift: popping her cherry!

When suddenly, the Chief (that is, her dad) shows up. So awkward!!!

But Moana is even more shocked when her dad and her cousin whip out their cocks and start filling her with hot cum!

Awkward Dad Moment - Clothed Version
Awkward Dad Moment - Nude Version
Awkward Dad Moment - Xray Version
Papa Cock Shock - Clothed Version
Papa Cock Shock - Nude Version
Papa Cock Shock - Xray Version
Airtight Version
Airtight Xray Version
Airtight Internal Cumshots Version

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Scene 2: Coming soon...

Scene 3: Coming soon...

Scene 4: Coming soon...

Scene 5: Coming soon...

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