Eleven (18+) gets bred by a demogorgon on her 18th birthday

"Her friends threw a surprise 18th birthday party for Eleven at the local arcade.

But they were all in for an even bigger surprise...

A new form of demogorgon - one designed to breed - showed up.

Once everyone had fled or were slain, there remained only Eleven, his prize.

He filled her with his evil seed and then disappeared.

Just one month later, she was fully pregnant with the demon child hybrid.

Closing her eyes, she could communicate with it, and knew it was capable of love..."

Note: This scene takes a few years forward, when Eleven is 18 years old.

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Surprise Attack Version
Surprise Attack (Nude) Version
The Breeder Demogorgon
Implanting his Seed Version
Belly Bulge Version
Pregnant his the Demon Child Version

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