The Merry Mage presents:


Featuring: Eleven (18+) & Max (18+)


Part 1: Eleven (18+) gets bred by a demogorgon on her 18th birthday

"Her friends threw a surprise 18th birthday party for Eleven at the local arcade.

But they were all in for an even bigger surprise...

A new form of demogorgon - one designed to breed - showed up.

Once everyone had fled or were slain, there remained only Eleven, his prize.

He filled her with his evil seed and then disappeared.

Just one month later, she was fully pregnant with the demon child hybrid.

Closing her eyes, she could communicate with it, and knew it was capable of love..."

Note: This scene takes a few years forward, when Eleven is 18 years old.

Slide the bar down to strip Eleven (censored, but members see the full nude version)

Surprise Attack Version
Surprise Attack (Nude) Version
The Breeder Demogorgon
Implanting his Seed Version
Belly Bulge Version
Pregnant his the Demon Child Version

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Part 2: Max (18+) gets bred by a demon-possessed Eleven (18+)

The demon enters Eleven's mind during the night, when her mental defenses are lowered.

It has seen the demon-child born of her and the demogorgon, and it wants its own child...

Born not of Eleven, but of her friend: Max.

Note: This scene takes a few years forward, when Eleven and Max are both 18 years old.

Scene 1: A possessed El seduces Max

Max already felt confused feelings towards her friend.

So when El offered herself, she was hesitant, but ready.

She began to explore El's body, licking her nipples with her soft tongue.

El's moans encouraged her, turning her on even more.

Max licks El's nipples (Clothed)
Max licks El's nipples (Boob out)
Max licks El's nipples (Nude)

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Scene 2: El reveals her massive demon cock

But when El revealed her massive demon cock, Max wasn't sure whether to be scared or aroused.

It was so big... could it even fit in her?

White semen dripped from the end.

Max tentatively tasted it, then eagerly licked up more.

She began to hunger for that monster cock deep inside her.

El's Demon Cock Drips Cum

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Scene 3: Max's pussy gets stretched by Eleven's foot long cock

Eleven lay on her back and motioned for Max to come over her.

Max's mouth was dry with fear, but she needed to feel that cock slide into her little cunt.

She mounted her friend and cried out as the massive cock stretched her wide open.

Seeing the mixture of pain and pleasure on Max's face, Eleven fought the demon within her.

She knew the pain of bearing a demon-child and hated that she was impregnating her friend.

Eleven went into herself...

She could see the demon now in the Upside-down, a horrific beast with writhing tentacles, ready to pump Max full of its evil seed.

Eleven strained, trying to smash it aside in her mind, but as she felt the cum gushing from her cock, she knew it was too late...

Max takes a foot of demon cock
Max takes a foot of demon cock (Xray version)
El battles the demon within her

Bonus Video Note: I started this animation but then got COVID, so was not able to finish it as planned. Rather than scrapping it altogether, here's a sneak peek at a possessed Eleven fucking Max's little cunny. Sorry I didn't have time to finish it off!

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Max & El Together

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Scene 4: The Breeder Demogorgon pulls Eleven (18+) & Max (18+) into the Upside Down...

Eleven fights off the demon possessing her, and frees herself.

For a moment, she feels elated.

But in the Upside Down, the Breeder Demogorgon roars with anger, and opens a rift between the worlds.

When Eleven and Max open their eyes, they are in a hellscape, naked on a ground covered with slimy vines and tendrils.

They feel strong bony fingers grab their heads, as a monstrous cock dripping with pre-cum comes into view.

Eleven thinks, "Not again!"

Max & Eleven realize what is cumming...

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Scene 5: Max (18+) & Eleven (18+) get filled with the demon's hot seed

Eleven drifted in and out of consciousness as the demon cock stretched her little cunt once again to breaking.

With relief she felt the flush of hot seed inside of her, filling her womb.

The demon pulled out, spraying her belly, and then she felt her mouth forced open.

She choked as warm liquid filled the back of her throat, but then the cock mercifully went away.

Once again she slipped from consciousness, feeling Max's fingers interlock with hers, and hearing Max's screams and moans, far away now...

Eleven & Max filled with hot seed
Max & Eleven filled with seed (Xray)

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