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Featuring Kate Biship, Yelena, Echo, plus Santa Claus, Hawkeye, and Pizza Dog

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Kate Bishop is bored in her apartment on Xmas.

So she flashes Santa Claus... and a wild night ensues!

This holiday series will include Kate masturbating, giving Santa a flash and a blowjob, and getting her first-time anal.

Then Yelena & Echo get tied up and used as cum targets by Hawkeye.

Scene 1: Kate gets herself off watching a show on Hawkeye... and Pizza Dog helps out!

Kate is bored waiting for Hawkeye on Xmas, so watches a documentary on the Avengers.

Then the part on Hawkeye comes... and so does she ; )

Pizza Dog just wants to help out too! (and maybe she tastes like pizza?!)

Check out the Thanos mug Easter egg that Hawkeye used in the series.

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No Panties Version
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Good Boy! Version

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Scene 2: After getting a bit tipsy, Kate decides to flash Santa Claus

He brought her all those presents as a girl.

Time to pay it forward and show him how she's all grown up!

Flashing Santa - Shirt Version
Flashing Santa- Nude Version
Shocking Santa - Shirt Version
Shocking Santa - Nude Version

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Scene 3: Santa knows just how to handle naughty girls!

Kate is shocked when Santa whips out his own trick arrow.

Then he uses his elvish magic to drop her to her knees.

She's about to get more than she bargained for... about 12 inches more!

Santa's Trick Arrow - Shirt Version
Santa's Trick Arrow - No Panties Version
Santa's Trick Arrow - Nude Version

Scene 4: Kate swallows down Santa's cum like a good girl!

Santa uses elvish magic to subdue Kate and make her open wide.

She gags a bit on his massive cock, but he relaxes her till he can go balls deep in her throat.

Then he cums in her mouth and she gets a bellyful of magical Santa seed!

Good Girl Version

Scene 5: Kate gets her first-time anal from Hawkeye

Hawkeye gets back just as Santa scutters back up the chimney.

Kate is super turned on now from all the elvish seed in her.

Clint tries to get her to get dressed, but she's got other ideas.

She begs him to do one thing for her... to be the first guy to cum her in the ass.

This scene includes my first-ever fully animated video. Expect more of these in 2022!

Xmas Wish Version
Ass Stretching Version
Balls Deep Version
Anal Xray Version

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Scene 6: Bound tightly, Yelena & Echo get a taste of cock

Clint has a special xmas surprise for Kate... he captured Yelena & Echo!

They're still there in the warehouse where he left them, with no idea what's about to happen next.

Kate whips out her strap-on and gags Yelena on it.

While Clint gives Echo (Maya Lopez) a taste of his salty cum.

Yelena's Panties Version
Yelena's Pussy Version
Echo's Titties Version
Echo Stripped Version

Scene 7: Kate Bishop gives Yelena her first girl-on-girl anal

Kate's about had it with Yelena trying to kill her hero... and not being taken seriously.

So she uses her special strap-on cock arrow to go deep in that ass. 🍑

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