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When the mother dragon heard the far away call of a male dragon, she smiled to herself.

She could tell it was a young one, too small to couple with her yet, but maybe, just maybe...

*            *            *

Elodie awoke to a fiery pain in her wrists and cold draft across her body.

It didn't take long to realize her dreams of a romantic night in the prince's bedroom were not going to come true.

She was in a dark cave that smelled of smoke and rot.

Her hands were tied tightly above her with a rope that cut into her wrists.

And looking down, she gasped, seeing herself stripped naked.

That's when she heard it...

An impossibly low growl that seemed the rock itself rumbling beneath her.

Two eyes reflected back at her in the darkness and she froze in fear.

Slowly the beast moved into the light - a massive dragon, eyeing her hungrily, licking its scaly lips.

The scream caught in her throat.

This was it - she would die, naked and helpless, eaten by a dragon of myth and legend.

But what was this?

The dragon's tongue darted out and begin to lick her and caress her... first her belly, then her breasts, and then...

No! She felt the slimy tentacle of a tongue slide between her legs and push its way into her.

She gasped feeling the powerful tongue sliding in and out, slick with juices, and she felt herself getting aroused.

She moaned and closed her eyes - if she had to die, this wasn't such a bad way to go...

Tasting Elodie...

Elodie lolled her head back and felt herself building to an orgasm, the wet tongue giving her the greatest cunnilingus of her life.

But just before she came, the tongue pulled out. There was flash of claw and she fell to the hard cold rock.

She looked up in shock to see the dragon above her.

Would this be it? Was he about to devour her?

With surprising gentleness, the dragon pinned each of her arms with his front legs.

Then she felt her legs being spread... she looked down, to see a throbbing red cock, well over a foot long, poised over her pussy.

A wave of fear rolled over her, but her own arousal made her at least curious.

She'd never had such a massive cock in her before...

Before she had time to wonder, she gasped as it slide slowly into her, stretching her pussy wide and filling her up.

Already wet from the tongue, the cock slid easily in and out as he began to fuck her faster and faster.

She felt her belly bulging outward from the sheer size of the massive cock.

She looked up at him as if a trance, feeling only the sensation of that monstrous dick within her.

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Elodie gets dragon boned... (Loop)

Then her climax began, slowly at first, then building into a wave of pleasure, and at the same time the dragon roared.

She felt her insides churn with hot liquid, ballooning out her belly even more, and then felt it gush out of her pussy as the dragon pulled out.

*      *      *

The mother dragon smiled from the shadows. It was all going according to plan.

The humans, with their short life times and memories, had forgotten what she knew - that long ago, there was a dragon child, born of a woman.

The dragonborn...

They would keep this princess with them for the next 9 months and care for her well.

Each of the daughters they would impregnate, until slowly, steadily, in the shadows, they built their new family, their new army, of dragon born who could rule not just the skies, but the earth and the castles and the lands of men as well.

The age of the dragonborn would soon come...