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Featuring Captain Marvel, Jane Foster & Darcy Lewis, Sansa & Arya, The Bride & O-Ren Ishii (Kill Bill), Veronica Mars, Invisible Woman, Hermione Granger & Luna Lovegood, & Agent Carter

8 Scenes/45+ Images
4K Resolution

Dressed & Nude Versions
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In this upcoming series, 13 gorgeous heroines are going to find themselves tightly bound & totally helpless.

What devious delights do their captors have planned for them?


Scene 1: Captain Marvel is bound, stretched, & fucked by Thanos

Thanos uses the Infinity Gauntlet to capture Captain Marvel and stretch her body to its limits.

Her stomach bulges as she takes 2 feet of The Mad Titan's monstrous cock, forcing her to use her powers just to hold together!


Flat Stomach Version
Distended Belly Version
Distended Belly & Energy Powers Version
Cock Xray Version
Torn Uniform Version
Torn Uniform & Cock Xray Version

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Scene 2: The Bride is bound & bukkaked before her execution by O-Ren Ishii

In the House of the Blue Leaves, Gogo Yubari out-fights The Bride and knocks her out cold.

When The Bride wakes up, she's strung up in the garden with Japanese rope bondage.

The surviving Crazy 88 are ready for their bukkake revenge and Gogo pops her anal cherry with her spiked ball.

O-Ren is waiting until all Crazy 88 unload on The Bride before delivering the coup-de-grace with the Hattori Hanzo katana.

But will The Bride pull off a last minute escape and vanquish them all?

All characters are 18+ years old in this scene

Yellow Suit - Clean Version
Yellow Suit - Bukkake Version
Stripped - Clean Version
Stripped - Messy Mascara Version
Stripped - Bukkake Version
Stripped - XRay Version
All Nude - Clean Version
All Nude - Bukkake Version

Scene 3: Sansa & Arya Stark are chained together and surviving only on Jon Snow's hot cum

Daenerys uncovers a plot by Sansa & Arya to overthrow the (increasingly) mad queen.

She has them stripped, shackled together, and thrown into the dungeon.

To humiliate the Stark family, they are forbidden any food or water and allowed only Jon Snow's seed.

The Stark sisters refuse at first while Jon begs them to stay alive, despite his own shame.

But after the first week, the sisters break, as they grow emaciated and half-crazed with thirst for his cum.

All characters in this scene are 18+ years old.

Before the feeding
Staying alive
Sansa's creampie
Thin & Thirsty

Scene 4: Agent Carter gets it all-the-way-through from the tentacled god

Based on the What If? episode where Agent Carter becomes the super soldier.

Red Skull uses the Tesseract to summon a monstrous god to rule the world.

Agent Carter and Steve Rogers almost had him beat... when the tentacles grabbed them both.

Agent Carter was always willing to go all the way, but this isn't quite what she had in mind!

Torn Suit Version
*Really* Torn Suit Version
Nude Version
Nude Gasp Version
ATWT Version
ATWT Xray Version

Scene 5: Jane Foster & Darcy Lewis become Loki's little fucktoys

Loki transformed into Thor and lured Jane & Darcy into some naughty bondage play.

Once they are tightly bound, he reveals who he truly is and the fun begins!

He gives Jane some cute bangs, then face-fucks them both with his massive cock.

As he is cumming in Jane's mouth, he lets them know anal is next...

Jane swallows
Darcy cum dribbles
After throating
Darcy messy makeup

Scene 6: Veronica Mars falls into the clutches of the local serial killer!

After the disappearance of three girls at Neptune High School, Veronica tracks down the killer.

But before she can call the police, he captures her and brings her to his basement.

Will this be her final case?!?

Anal Creampie Version
Double Creampie Version
Blowjob Dribbles Version
Messy Makeup Version

Scene 7: Hermione & Luna get their holes filled by a horny Hagrid

After the events in the Double Dare Series, Hermione & Luna go into the Forbidden Forest to get a bunchberry flower for a morning-after potion.

Unfortunately for them, bunchberry only grows near the giant spider lair...

Just in time, Hagrid saves the girls from being sucked dry by the spiders, but he gets bitten himself.

The venom has a strange effect on him, putting him into a delirium that unleashes his hidden lust for the girls.

Seeing them there, still bound & helpless in webs, he fills one delicious hole after another with his giant cock & hot cum.

He ends by ordering poor Hermione to open wide for a final load in her mouth.

Luna, meanwhile, seems to be taking it all in her stride ; p

(All characters are 18+ in this scene)

Stripped & Bound - Clean Version
Dripping Holes Version
Girls Only Version
Stripped & Bound - Vertical Version
Dripping Holes - Vertical Version
Girls Only - Vertical Version

Scene 8: Doc Ock tries out his newest tentacle on Sue Storm (ATWT)

After months of painstaking work, Doc Ock has perfected a penile tentacle with full sensation.

He can't believe his luck when he runs across Sue Storm, without her fantastic four buddies.

First he cums in her pussy with one tentacle while filling her mouth with his hot jizz.

Then he goes all-the-way-through, using Sue's slender body as his personal cock-sleeve.

Now he can't wait to find MJ, Gwen, and Black Widow!

Swallowing Cum - Unzipped Suit Version
All-the-way-through (ATWT) - Unzipped Suit Version
Filling Both Holes Version
Creampie Drips Version
All-the-way-through (ATWT) Nude Version
ATWT Xray Version

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