Black Widow & Scarlet get tricked into
threesome with Loki

SCENE #157-159

Black Widow & Scarlet Witch get tricked into sucking & fucking Loki

Loki was getting bored.

How long would he be stuck on this stupid spaceship with these "Avengers"?

Wait, what was this?

Loki gets a devilish little idea...

Loki eavesdropped around a corner from Black Widow and Scarlet Witch.

"I can't believe he's still a virgin!" Scarlet Witch said.

"Well I believe it. It's Steve," Black Widow replied, and they both laughed.

"That's so sad. I feel sorry for him."

Black Widow got a mischievous look in her eye, "What if we... help him out?"

"Are you kidding - he'd never fuck us! He's too loyal to that old flame," Scarlet Witch said.

Loki smiled, not believing his luck.

In the blink of an eye, he transformed himself into Captain America and strolled around the corner.

"Hey girls, mind if I join you?"

Maybe this trip wouldn't be so boring after all!

Loki gets a devilish idea...

Black Widow & Scarlet Witch naked & on their knees...

Slide the bar down to strip off their outfits! (If you don't see the slider module, refresh the page)

On their knees (Outfits)
On their knees (Nude)

3D Stereoscopic Versions

To see the Cross-eyed version in 3D: Stare at the middle of the two images and slowly cross your eyes, refocusing on a point closer to you. You'll see the two images merge into a single 3D image. If you have trouble doing this, you can put your finger in front of you and focus on that, then remove it, but keep the eyes crossed and focused closer.

Stereoscropic 3d - Crosseyed
Stereoscropic 3d - Crosseyed

The cross-eyed method is easy, but can be disorienting and makes the final image smaller.

To see it without eye strain and in full size, use a set of 3D glasses designed for side-by-side images like: https://www.amazon.com/Stereo-Wide-View-Viewer-Prints-Monitors/dp/B07DQT8QD6/ref=sr_1_36

(I'm not bothering with the red/blue glasses version, as the colors are terrible and ruin the experience.)

Stereoscopic 3D (Glasses Version)
Stereoscopic 3D (Glasses Version)

Riding that Cap Cock!

Scarlet Witch uses her powers to make the Cap's cock even bigger, filling up her pussy completely with cock and cum.

Loki just smiles to himself ; p.

Cowgirl Threesome!
Cowgirl Threesome! (Xray)

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