The Marvels

Kamala Khan (18+) goes girl-on-girl with Captain Marvel


Kamala Khan goes girl-on-girl with Captain Marvel

After a hard day of training with Bruno, Kamala heads home to shower off.

But when she walks into her room, she can't believe who's waiting for her on her bed...

Captain Marvel herself!!!

Kamala is in shock, but Captain Marvel just smiles and begins to unzip her suit, revealing a breast.

Captain Marvel wasn't just Kamala's biggest hero - she was also her earliest crush.

They'd never met, but somehow she already felt they knew each other and loved each other.

Kamala felt her pussy getting wet with excitement and arousal.

She was shy, but slowly Kamala smiled back and stripped off her own suit.

Captain Marvel guided her to the bed, and tenderly began to kiss and lick Kamala's slick pussy.

Note: Kamala in this series is over 18 years old.

Part 1: Kamala walks into her room...

Slide the bar across to strip off Captain Marvel's outfit! (Refresh the page if the slider module isn't visible)

Slide the bar across to strip off Kamala Khan's outfit!

Captain Marvel - Full Outfit
Captain Marvel - Boob out
Captain Marvel - Full Nude
Kamala Khan - Full Outfit
Kamala Khan - Xray View
Kamala Khan - Just out of the shower
Kamala Khan - Full Nude
The Girls - Full Outfits
The Marvel Girls - Stripping for each other
The Marvel Girls - Full Nude
The Marvel Girls - Kamala walks in...
The Marvel Girls -Just out of the shower

Part 2: Captain licks Kamala's dripping wet pussy...

Captain licks Kamala's clit

Part 3: Kamala gets pegged & fisted by the Captain! 😳

Pegged by the Captain ; p
Fisted! (Back view)
Fisted! (Both views)

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