Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (18+)
& Queen Alicent Hightower


Princess Rhaenyra (18+) & Lady Alicent get stripped, tied-up, and face-fucked

NOTE: In my multiverse, Princess Rhaenyra is 18+ years old

Princess Rhaenyra & Lady Alicent often talked late into the night in their chambers.

But tonight the girls were interrupted by shouts outside the door.

The door burst open and Prince Daemon, followed by a dozen gold cloaks, swept into the room.

"Uncle, you will explain yourself," Princess Rhaenyra said, trying to contain the fear rising within her.

She eyed the hungry look in the faces of the Gold Cloaks.

"My beloved niece, my apology for this rude intrusion," Daemon said with a smirk, "But I'm sorry to say we have reports of treason against the King."

"Treason?! By whom?" the princess replied.

Daemon looked at her for a moment, then smiled, "By you and the Lady Alicent."

Lady Alicent gasped, while Princess Rhaenyra narrowed her eyes, "Get out, Uncle, now, before you do something you very much regret."

"Oh, I'll be conducting a thorough interrogation," he said, loosening his belt, "and I don't believe I'll be regretting anything tonight..."

He barked to the Gold Cloaks, "Strip them and tie them up!"

Poor Lady Alicent... she had to suffer cumshot after cumshot until her trembling young body dripped with semen.

But Prince Daemon saved his favorite niece for himself.

"Open wide my dear," he said, as his massive naked cock engorged with blood.

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Princess Rhaenyra & Lady Alicent are bound & stripped naked...

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Full Dresses
Torn Dresses
Stripped naked

A thorough interrogation


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Princess Rhaenyra (18+) gets starfished & deflowered by King Viserys I

NOTE: In my multiverse, Princess Rhaenyra is 18+ years old

The king was given milk of the poppy as the pain of his condition worsened.

But when the waking dreams began, no one was safe... especially not the princess.

Called to his bedchamber, Princess Rhaenyra was ordered to strip and prepare herself.

The king saw his daughter no longer, only his former queen, Aemma Arrryn.

Rhaenyra refused and begged him to come to his senses.

So she was stripped and tied down to the bed, in the manner of a starfish.

Overcome by lust and driven mad by the milk of the poppy, King Viserys fucked her in her quivering virgin pussy.

He came inside of her and then again on her belly.

And then he left her there, still bound to the king's bed.

She could think only that with his seed in her, her belly may grow.

Would she suffer the same fate as her mother?!

And then she slipped into an exhausted sleep.

She awoke being choked by the King's massive cock in her throat.

As she gasped for air, she felt his hot cum filling her mouth and then splattering her face.

She cried out for Ser Cole, but there was rescue for her that night...

Note: I might do a follow up bonus image of her pregnant with child ; p

Starfished & deflowered by the King
Starfished & deflowered (Xray)
Dripping with cum...
Choked by the King's cum...

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