Joi (Ana de A.) is on a cum-only diet.
Time for her dinner!


Joi is on a cum-only diet. Time for her dinner!

Note: This scene includes an interactive sex module.

Wallace Corporation unveils their latest replicant pleasure model: Joi.

Based on the popular virtual model, the new replicant is more real than real.

You quickly rush out to the local Wallace Corp store to buy her.

She's gorgeous floating in her incubation tank.

You choose a model with brown hair and without bangs (your personal preference) and bring her home.

For the first year, you decide to put her on a strict cum-only diet, to make sure her bond to you is strong.

When you come home from work, she's eagerly waiting for you on the bed, hungry for her liquid dinner...

Browsing the new Replicant T-17 Series

In the tank (Bikini)
In the tank (Nude)

Feeding Joi her liquid dinner...

Interactive Sex Module Instructions

  • Drag up on the module to start throating her
  • Then drag up & down to thrust your cock in & out
  • Drag all the way up to see the finish!
  • You can zoom in as well
  • Click the full-screen icon in the lower right to go full-screen

This is my first time trying out this new interactive sex format.

I'll be working on improving it, including adding inertia, loops, and maybe sounds as well ; p

Interactive Sex Module (Censored Preview)

Drag up & down to thrust your cock

Click full-screen icon to resize to your screen

Hungry for her dinner...
Feeding her
Cumming down her throat
Time to swallow!
Time to swallow (no overlay)
Time to swallow (w cock)
Time to swallow (no overlay & w cock)

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