Pam Beesley gets a birthday gangbang

SCENE 160-161

Pam Beesley gets her first office gangbang

Pam was so excited - the boys prepared a surprise at the office for her birthday!

She wondered if it was a new fancy chair, or a nice outfit?

They told her to close her eyes.

She could hear rustling of cloth - must be a new outfit?

"OK, open!" said Jim.

She opened her eyes and gasped - all four of them were stark naked in front of her!

Jim grinned and said, "Surprise!"

Pam couldn't even get out any words. Her mouth just hung open.

Michael said, "Well she's opening wide - that's the spirit!"

She shot up to protest, but Jim came around from behind and shucked her skirt down.

Pam screamed and covered herself, but couldn't help notice feeling a bit aroused by all this sudden attention.

Did they really all find her this attractive?

She always thought guys wanted to gangbang hot porn stars.

But they want to gangbang me?!

She gave them a little smile and a nervous laugh.

Jim reached around and opened her shirt, popping out her breasts, and groped them.

Pam moaned and bent over the reception desk...

Taking turns in Pam's pussy...

Taking turns in Pam's pussy
Taking turns in Pam's pussy (boobs out)
Taking turns in Pam's pussy (Nude)

Finishing all over Pam's face

Finishing on Pam's face (Boob out)
Finishing on Pam's face

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