Layla El-Faouly gets double-teamed by Marc & Steven

Tawaret grants Layla a special favor: one night in the duat with both Marc & Steven.

Steven is shy as it is his first time with her.

But after some coaxing, he finally drops his trousers and WOW.

Layla and Marc are both shocked to see his massive cock.

Marc protests that it's not fair, but Layla stops their bickering by licking and sucking their cocks.

She wants Steven filling her pussy, so Marc starts to fuck her in the mouth.

He gives her a good throating, chocking her a bit, before finally pulling out.

Then she sucks them both off, happily swallowing down their hot cum.


As they lounge in the temple pool, Layla tells them both of a new pharaoh's tomb she has uncovered.

It is supposedly cursed, but contains a sacred weapon of Horus.

She's excited to try to enter the tomb tomorrow.

What could go wrong?!?

Stay tuned for a future scene of Layla & the Mummy

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