Beca (Anna K.) & Chloe's (Brittney S.) lesbian tryst
gets interrupted with a surprise facial

SCENES #152 & #153

Beca & Chloe's lesbian tryst gets interrupted with a surprise facial

Singing Titanium together had been amazing.

Beca felt a thrill go through her body... and then arousal, looking at Chloe's gorgeous body.

Chloe winked at her and then slowly went down on her knees.

Beca couldn't believe this was happening.

But before she could protest, she felt Chloe's soft tongue on her clit, licking it gently.

She moaned and fell back against the shower wall.

Chloe's tongue expertly licked, sucked, and circled her clit, before thrusting into her pussy lips.

Her eyes popped open as she felt Chloe's slick finger sliding into her asshole.

But god it all felt so good.

Beca dropped to her knees to kiss Chloe...

And that when they heard the groan behind them.

They spun around, just in time for you to shout as you blast their shocked faces with your cumshots.

You even manage to get some in their gaping mouths.

WOW - what a morning!

Chloe licks Beca's wet pussy
Hey girls!
Surprise facial!

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