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Hermione's Dream

Featuring: Hermione Granger (18+),
Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley

Note from Nick: I think this is hands down my best Hermione ever. It's so realistic it's almost like it's a photo. I'm really proud of it and hope you love it too.

You know I'm all about improving my art. Given how well this came out, I think all my future artwork will be using this amazing style. Check it out below!

April 1st, 2024

Hermione's Dream

It started about a week ago. Every night, Hermione had a dream where she was in this beautiful room filled with light.

She was naked and horny and started to touch herself, when suddenly Harry and Ron entered the room.

Except... they were fit. Like REALLY fit.

Normally she just thought of them as friends.

But in this dream... she was ready to get on all fours and let them fuck her like a little dog.

She got on her knees on the bed, still touching herself, her pussy slick with her juices.

And sure enough, Harry and Ron wordlessly joined her and fucked her silly for what seemed like hours.

When she woke, she lay back and enjoyed the amazing afterglow.

Best dream ever!

My masterpiece

Incredible, huh?

Ha, glad you enjoyed it.

While I did it this purely as a joke, afterwards I thought ok, what if I tried to make something of this?

Move the slider down to see my attempt to make this more than just a cock tease ; p


Happy April Fools Day!
April's Fun Version