Padme Amidala submits once again to Darth Vader

"After Padme survived the birth of the twins, she went to Obi-wan for comfort... and companionship.

This enraged Darth Vader to no end.

In the last session of the Galactic Senate, Darth Vader recaptured Padme.

He gave her a simple choice: resubmit to her rightful husband or watch Obi-wan fall to his death.

She made her choice.

In front of all the senators, Darth Vader stripped her naked and made her his once again.

Her humiliation was now complete."

Torn Dress Version
Torn Dress & Roughed Up Version
Torn Dress & Mascara Run Version
Stripped Version
Stripped & Roughed Up Version
Stripped & Mascara Run Version

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