"The Fly"

An Erotic Tale of Passion & Betrayal
with 4K Artwork

Featuring: Padme Amidala & Obiwan Kenobi

An Original Star Wars Story

The Fly

In an city of shadows and sin, a droid-fly spies on a forbidden liaison between a senator and Jedi.

Transmitting all it sees, its primitive emotions echo the tangled feelings of its unseen master.

Betrayal, passion, and loyalty collide in this original Star Wars tale featuring my erotic 4K artwork.

As the lines between loyalty and betrayal blur, the fate of the galaxy may hinge on a single metallic whisper.

"The Fly"

Night settled over the city like a dark blanket. The miasma of heat and stench, with tendrils of corruption and the aroma of frying street food, coalesced into a living, breathing entity.

Among the city's denizens, a droid fly whirred in a chaotic dance, its wings vibrating in unison with the cacophony of the urban jungle. The planet's gravity barely registered on its metallic carapace, granting it a weightless grace.

The droid fly's compound eyes took in the world in shattered fragments, a mosaic of grime and desperation. It honed in on the scent of anxiety, seeking two figures in the neon haze.

Its programming, a primitive simulacrum of emotion, mirrored the tangled feelings of its master.

A young woman all in white emerged from a battered space taxi, accompanied by a man in Jedi robes.

The droid fly felt an inexplicable surge of emotion toward the woman: a need to protect her, to keep her safe from the creeping darkness that threatened to engulf her. Yet, as it drew closer, its wings fluttered with an undercurrent of possessiveness and jealousy.

The bearded man in brown robes walked closely by her side, exuding an air of authority and wisdom. The droid fly's mechanical heart yearned for his approval, even as a darker feeling, buried deep within its rudimentary psyche, stirred.

They hurried towards a seedy hotel that oozed decay, pockmarked with neon signs that cast a sickly glow on the crumbling entrance.

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Two furtive figures slip into a seedy hotel

The fly performed a subsonic scan, seeking ingress. The windows, covered in grime and sorrow, betrayed no cracks. The vents, choked with filth, offered no sanctuary.

But as the hotel door hissed shut behind the retreating figures, the fly discovered an overlooked opening: a gap between the neon sign and the corroded wall. It squeezed through, a metallic sliver of determination, emerging within the dimly lit lobby. The fly buzzed triumphantly.

The fly pursued its quarry along the hotel's dim and dismal corridors. The air hung heavy with humidity and unspoken sin, painting the walls with a patina of grime. Ahead, the two figures stopped before Room 267.

The fly, however, had a near encounter with disaster, as a lumbering, blue-skinned Chagrian raised a meaty hand to swat it from the air. The fly danced nimbly out of reach, its servos humming a silent sigh of relief and it slipped through the cracks between the door's hinges, undetected, and alighted on a tarnished light fixture.

As it landed, the man, his senses honed by years of Jedi training, tensed. His gaze swept the room, feeling the presence of another. But the woman was impatient and quickly resumed their conversation, drawing him back to the matter at hand.

The fly activated its recording systems. Yet, as it monitored the pair, it found itself distracted by a new threat: a large spider, creeping hungrily toward it from across the room.

The woman said, "I don't care if it's not safe." The man's response was firm, his resolve unwavering. "My duty is to protect you, Padme. Once the hypercore is fixed, we need to leave this wretched place."

But Padme's smile was mischievous, her demeanor playful. "Well, they did say it might take a while. What will we do to fill the time?"

The man, his expression betraying the conflicting emotions under the surface, said with some curtness, "We will wait patiently, Padme," before softening and adding “as we have always done. Now please, let me meditate.”

Padme gave a pout but her eyes twinkled, “Well in that case, I’ll just jump in the shower. I’ll see you soon…”

The man sat cross-legged, struggling to focus on his meditation. From the bathroom, the sound of a shower filled the air. The fly scanned the room, catching sight of the woman's heat signature, the cool lines of clothing absent, enveloped in a red cloud of steamy water. The fly's circuits churned with turbulent emotions, their origins inexplicable to the creature.

As the bathroom door swung open, Padme emerged from the steam, her bathrobe entirely open and revealing. The man's meditation shattered, his voice stuttering in protest. "Padme - put something on!"

She smiled, mischief gleaming in her eyes. "If you insist." And with that, she loosened her robe, baring herself further. The fly momentarily faltered as the emotions its master would be feeling washed over it, a maelstrom of anger and betrayal.

"Padme, put something on!"

The man, torn between his heart and his oaths, managed to utter, "We can't do this, Padme." The air between them crackled with tension, a palpable electricity that seemed to draw them closer.

With a vulnerability she had never before shown, Padme confessed, "Since I was a child, I've always done what I was supposed to, what was expected of me. But I can't bear the thought of dying with a life full of regret." Her eyes locked onto his, and she whispered, "Come here."

As if it were a Jedi mind trick, Obiwan obeyed. He got up as in a dream and let himself at last take Padme in his arms, kissing her soft, warm lips with deep love and devotion.

She slipped her tongue into his mouth and fumbled at his belt. Before long, she was holding his hot erect member in her hand. Padme pulled back, looking at him coyly and bit her lip. Then she got down on her knees and looked up at Obiwan, her mouth open and ready to take his cock.

Obiwan’s head swam as a thousand conflicting emotions began warring within him. “Padme, no…”

But her warm tongue and soft lips silenced him as they slid over his cock, leaving him weak and utterly helpless to resist. He lay backwards as Padme tenderly licked and teased his cock, and then made him gasp as she swallowed his dick down her tender young throat.

Padme silenced him with her soft lips...

Its recording system capturing every detail of the tryst, the fly prepared to transmit the data to its master. Its circuits trembled, on the brink of succumbing to the tidal wave of emotions that threatened to overwhelm it.

But before it could send the data, the spider pounced.

Watching the two lovers, the fly had completely forgotten about the spider, but now felt its fangs sinking into the metallic shell of its carapace. A desperate battle ensued, until the droid-fly deployed a shock bolt to the spider, leaving it upside down on its back, twitching.

Recovering itself, the fly scanned the room, only to find to its surprise that the two targets were gone. Frantically, it accessed the audio recordings from the fight, discovering that the lovers had received a comm call: their ship had been repaired ahead of schedule and they had rushed off to pick it up.

Panic swirled within the fly's mechanical heart, propelling it into a frenzied pursuit. Its sensors caught sight of the pair boarding a hovertuk, the vehicle humming to life as it prepared to whisk them away. The fly, desperate to keep up, latched onto a messenger drone speeding in the same direction.

With a well-placed probe, the fly hacked the drone's systems, commandeering it in a bid to chase the hovertuk. The cityscape blurred around them, a chaotic tapestry of grime and neon, as it raced toward its quarry.

Arriving just in time, the fly detached from the drone and slipped through the closing door of the spaceship, its metallic form a silent shadow in the darkness.

The fly followed the two figures into the ship and watched as they activated the ship's autopilot. The ship hummed beneath them, beginning its journey back into space and leaving behind the city of filth and sin.

As the lovers made their way towards the ship’s bedroom, their hands fumbled at the fabric that separated them, stripping away Padme’s tight fitting suit and Obiwan’s Jedi robes. Naked together at last, they fell into the bed and gave themselves over to the love and desire that they had been suppressing within themselves for so long.

The fly alighted on the wall, continuing to record all it was seeing, but began to feel a searing pain as it hit its storage limit. Yet it could not stop, for the betrayal unfolding before it demanded to be documented, the evidence preserved for its master's judgment. With no opportunity to transmit the data, the tiny spy faced an impossible choice.

The droid-fly made the decision to begin burning the data directly onto its core systems, etching the story of their forbidden love into its own mechanical heart,. Though dimly aware that it would not survive this act, the fly pressed on.

Obiwan caressed the lithe curves of Padme’s body, licking and sucking the nipples on her pert breasts. His erection raged after so many years of celibacy and left trails of precum on her soft skin. As he moved up to kiss her once again, the head of his cock pressed against the open lips of her cunt, now wet and engorged with blood and lust. She gasped and begged him to slip inside of her.

As the lovers shifted, their bodies a tangled symphony of desire, the fly realized it needed to find a better vantage point to continue its recording. With determination, it leaped from the wall, intending to take flight and reposition itself.

But something was wrong. The fly's wings began to glitch, their once precise and agile motions now erratic and unsteady. Unable to maintain its flight, the tiny spy plummeted, crashing onto a table with a jarring impact. Its systems protested, already strained from the burden of the recording and the damage sustained from burning data onto its core.

Despite its dire condition, the fly managed to summon the strength to right itself, flailing its legs in a desperate bid to regain its footing. With a trembling effort, it resumed its recording, unwilling to abandon its duty, even as it teetered on the edge of destruction.

The recording restarted just as Obiwan slid his throbbing cock deep into Padme’s pussy, slick with her juices and already intermingled with his precum. Some more rational part of Obiwan’s brain wondered if Padme was on birth control, but the sheer ecstasy of feeling his cock inside of her quickly crowded out those thoughts.

Padme moaned as Obiwan’s giant cock filled her up, making Anakin’s little penis seem boy-like. She began to build towards a climax and could tell Obiwan was as well, when she felt a guilty tug at her conscience.

She knew she was not on birth control, not since the last fight with Anakin when she swore off sex for months at least. It was one thing to betray him with Obiwan, but quite another to bear Obiwan’s child.

She put her hand against Obiwan’s chest, stopping him from reaching climax, and said, “No, not there.” She saw then Obiwan’s eyes, now almost crazed with desire for her, his deepest emotions unleashed finally after all these years.

She added quickly, “Don’t stop - I want your cum in me. But in.. the other place. You’ll be my first. I want you to be my first.” And she spread her legs, revealing her tight pink virgin asshole.

The fly was ablaze with pain now, more and more of its circuitry being burned over with its recordings. It had to avoid destroying its data transmission system, or all would be for nothing.

Pulling itself forward to the edge of the table overlooking their bed, the fly twitched as its flight circuits were overwritten, leaving it with only partial control now over its legs.

Padme gasped as Obiwan grabbed her by the hips, and thrust his massive cock inside her, punching through her tight little anus and stretching her virgin asshole wide open. Pain and pleasure coursed through her, as she felt impossibly filled up but wanting only more of him even deeper within her.

He obliged, holding nothing back as he fucked her in her ass, going balls deep with each thrust. He looked on her pretty face, a mix of innocence and elegant maturity far beyond her years, and suddenly had a perverse desire to see it dripping with his cum.

He pulled out and brought his cock still slick with her ass juices directly to her open mouth. She dutifully swallowed down his member till she gagged from its size and volume of cum that was leaking from it even before he climaxed.

Obiwan pulled away, seeing with satisfaction his jizz all over Padme’s little mouth and tongue, and he thrust once more into her waiting asshole. As he pounded her in her ass, she let out whimpers and gasps of ecstacy and pain. He was close now… Very close…

Stretching her virgin asshole wide open...

The guttural cry of the Jedi as he came in the senator’s ass was the last thing the droid-fly captured, burning it over its own visual circuits, leaving it completely sightless.

Death was at hand now for the fly, but it knew it could not give in yet. The feelings of betrayal and anger echoing within it drove it to continue for the sake of its master.

With a last trembling effort, it began transmitting the data to its master, gigabyte by gigabyte, even as it began its final death throes, spasming and twitching on the table.

As the last gigabyte was sent, the fly felt a sense of relief wash over it, and a peace once again filled its little heart, as it tumbled into its final darkness.

An hour later, as Padme and Obiwan set a meal down on the bedside table, they were surprised to see a small fly, dead on its back, with its legs in a tangle above it.

“How did this little one get here?” Obiwan muttered to himself, before brushing it off the table with a quick motion.

The droid-fly spiraled downwards, falling onto the bedroom floor.

Many light years away, a holodisc beeped. Its owner, dressed in Jedi robes, had been sitting beside it for many hours, waiting impatiently. He spoke a sharp command and a video was projected above the disc. The room filled with moans and gasps from the video, as the figures of the two coupled lovers flickered semi-transparent in the air.

The man was silent at first, only tightening his already clenched fist.

But then he exploded with a shout of rage and pain. He reached out towards the holodisk with a clawed hand, and arcs of electricity shot out, utterly destroying it, leaving only a charred husk.

It was just then that the door to his quarters slid open. The Jedi turned, his face still a mask of pain and anger.

Standing in the doorway was Chancellor Palpatine, looking at him with an expression of fatherly concern. But in his eyes was the truth. They twinkled with a mixture of delight and triumph at seeing the young Jedi’s obvious distress.

“You see, Anakin,” said Palpatine, “why I asked you to use the fly? So you could understand for yourself. You can trust no one in the end. There is only betrayal. Especially from the Jedi.” This last word he spat out, using a vehemence Anakin has never heard from the Chancellor before.

“Join me, young Skywalker,” he continued, “and I promise you, you shall have your vengeance.”

Anakin hesitated for a moment, blinking through his tears of anger and hurt, but then dropped down to one knee.

Chancellor Palpatine smiled, his plans all coming together exactly as he had foreseen. “And now,” he said, “the end of the Jedi order begins.”

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