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Do You Want to Fuck a Snowman?

Featuring: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, & Kristoff

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Do You Want to Fuck a Snowman?

Olaf woke up one morning and noticed something… different. His twig arms felt a little more substantial, and a curious fuzz had appeared on his chest.

Most bewildering of all, the world seemed brighter, filled with a new kind of sparkle.

He bounced out of bed and found Elsa and Anna in the hallway.

They were beautiful as always, but today, Olaf’s heart felt like it was going to explode with warm flurries at the sight of them.

"Elsa, Anna! Do you feel something different today?" he asked, a strange giddy energy buzzing through him.

Elsa and Anna exchanged confused glances. "Different? Like what, Olaf?" Elsa asked, tilting her head.

"I don't know," Olaf flustered, “it's just… you both look so… sparkly?"

Elsa giggled. "Well, a queen has to look her best, don't you think?"

Olaf's usually perky nose drooped a bit. It had to be more than sparkly. Something was happening inside him, something confusing and delightful.

Later that day, Olaf was strolling through the forest when he found himself staring at a doe. She was so graceful! So elegant! And the way she tilted her head with those big, round eyes – Olaf couldn’t get enough.

"Whoa there, pal," Kristoff strolled up, catching Olaf looking a little too intensely at the doe. "Looks like someone's got a crush!"

"A crush?!" Olaf squeaked, whirling around. "Is that what this feeling is?"

Kristoff chuckled. “Sounds about right. You know, happens to the best of reindeer too. Well, and snowmen, I suppose."

Olaf's whole body felt fizzy with this new realization. A crush! He had a crush on… well, on Elsa, and Anna, maybe the doe… It was all gloriously confusing.

Over the next few days, Olaf's world was a whirlwind of crushes. The castle maids with their rosy cheeks, the baker with her flour-dusted smile - everyone set his heart aflutter. One evening, though, he passed Elsa in the hallway.

"Hello, Olaf," she said, her voice as soft and cool as ever.

Olaf, however, was a walking contradiction – ice on the outside, a roaring fire on the inside. A goofy grin spread across his face and he blurted, "You're like… the prettiest snowflake I've ever seen!"

Elsa blinked, and then a warm smile touched her lips. "Well, thank you, Olaf."

He bounced away, leaving a trail of melted snow in his wake. As he headed for his room, he bumped headfirst into Anna.

"Olaf!" she yelped, giggling as she brushed snow off her dress. "What's got you in such a hurry?"

"Oh, hello Anna! I… uh…" Olaf sputtered, his new crush-induced nerves tangling his words.

Anna, always quick-witted, patted his head. "Easy there, Olaf. Have you been spending too much time in the summer sun?"

- - -

A few hours later, Olaf found himself alone in the library, browsing the towering shelves for a book about "growing up" or whatever this strange transformation he was experiencing was called.

His fingers brushed over leather-bound tomes, but nothing had titles with words like "fuzzy-feelings" or "crushes that make your insides melt."

He was just about to give up when his eyes landed on a peculiar title: "The Root of the Matter: A Botanical Study."

Curiosity piqued, he pulled the book down. It turned out to be a collection of very detailed drawings of plants.

Olaf flipped through withered leaves and twisted stems, until… there it was. A carrot! A very large, very lifelike drawing of a carrot.

Then, his eyes fell on a passage below the illustration: *"...and so the elongated root serves a dual purpose: both as a nutrient storage mechanism and a..."*

Olaf blinked, the unfamiliar words blurring on the page.

"Storage mechanism… and a…?" he mumbled, cheeks flushing a strange shade of orange.

Suddenly, Sven burst into the library, a bewildered Kristoff trailing behind. "Olaf! Buddy! We've gotta– whoa! Whatcha reading there?" Sven craned his neck, trying to get a better look.

Olaf slammed the book shut. "Uh, n-nothing!"

Kristoff raised an eyebrow. "Look, Olaf, I know things are changing for you. It's okay to be curious. Just remember, sometimes it's better to ask for advice."

Olaf hesitated, his eyes darting from Kristoff to the now very suspicious-looking book. He finally sighed. "Okay. Alright. But it's kind of embarrassing."

The next half hour turned into the most confusing anatomy lesson of Olaf's life.

Kristoff and Sven, in their own blunt ways, tried to explain the mechanics of "how things work."

Olaf stared at them, wide-eyed, as a horrifying and thrilling realization dawned.

His carrot wasn't just a nose!

- - -

That night, Elsa and Anna nestled on a plush rug before the fire, Olaf snuggled between them.

Tonight, the snowman's usual chatter had faded, replaced by dreamy sighs and stolen glances at the sisters.

Elsa, always perceptive, nudged Anna with her elbow, a knowing smile playing on her lips.

Anna stifled a giggle.

They'd both noticed Olaf's not-so-subtle infatuation with them both. It was endearing, the way he admired their every move.

"Olaf," Elsa teased, her voice soft, "You seem extra quiet tonight. Perhaps thinking of a certain summer dream?"

His cheeks – if a snowman could have cheeks – would've flushed pink. "Oh, Queen Elsa, you always know what I'm thinking!"

Anna leaned in with a playful glint in her eye. "We do," she chirped, "We know lots about you, Olaf."

He fidgeted, his twig arms twisting. "Like- like what?"

Elsa reached out and playfully rubbed the tip of his carrot nose. "Like how much you adore us."

A tiny squeak escaped Olaf as his nose twitched... and stretched ever so slightly.

Anna gasped in mock delight. "Elsa, look! His nose!"

Olaf went bug-eyed. "It grew! You made it grow!" He wriggled with glee. "Do it again!"

Seeing his joy, any hint of teasing melted from their voices. Elsa and Anna, smiles wide, took turns gently rubbing his nose.

It felt so good! And each time, it gained a comical extra inch. Laughter filled the room as Olaf bounced and twirled, delighted with his magnificent new snout.

"Best. Sisters. EVER!" he exclaimed, his voice a tad squeaky due to his impressive nose.

As the night wore on, the sisters were more affectionate than teasing, their touches filled with warmth.

By the time it hit midnight, the sisters were fast asleep, snoring softly.

But Olaf was wide-awake, his carrot throbbing with a new desire... and desire to...

Standing over their sleeping forms, he plucked his nose from his face, and screwed it in between his little legs.

As soon as he did, a new-found lust swept over him.

He looked hungrily at the sleeping sisters and began to rub his carrot.

The pleasure grew more and more until he couldn't contain it - and he exploded, shooting his first stream of cum all over Elsa's face.

In her sleep, she grimaced, and Olaf realized they might not like what he was doing.

He sighed, OK, only one thing to do then...

- - -

Elsa awoke with a gasp.

Sunlight streamed through the window, but something was wrong.

Her hands...they were bound together behind her, rough rope chafing her wrists.

A sharp intake of breath beside her told her Anna was in the same predicament.

"What...how..." Anna's voice was thick with confusion and a hint of fear.

Her eyes darted, scanning the familiar room for answers, finally landing on a figure perched at the foot of the bed.


But this wasn't their usual Olaf.

His twig arms were crossed, his button eyes sparkling not with childish delight but with something... predatory.

His carrot nose was now between his legs, and it was practically a lance, a full foot longer than yesterday.

"Olaf!" Elsa's voice was sharp despite her shock. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Olaf? " The snowman hopped down from the bed, bouncing around the room in a grotesque parody of his usual gait. "No, no... You can call me...Olaf the Magnificent!"

Anna struggled against her bonds, her dress torn, revealing her tight shaved pussy. "Olaf, stop joking! This isn't funny!"

"Funny?" Olaf tilted his head, a chilling seriousness washing over him. "Oh, princesses, this is far more than funny. Don't you see? My nose...it grows with my power. And now that you've made me powerful, well..." He gestured vaguely. "You are mine!"

Elsa and Anna exchanged a look of silent dismay.

Had their playful affections the night before inadvertently awoken something monstrous within their beloved snowman?

The consequences of their innocent teasing were now horrifyingly real.

The door suddenly crashed open, revealing Kristoff, his face a mask of concern.

He'd rushed over the moment Sven, sensing the princesses' distress, had practically dragged him to their chambers.

His gaze swept over the scene – the bound princesses, Olaf's ludicrous nose, the torn fabric – and a flicker of comprehension crossed his features.

Then, to Elsa and Anna's utter horror, a predatory grin spread across his face.

"Well, look at this," Kristoff chuckled, a dark edge to his voice that they'd never heard before. "Olaf's figured it out, has he?"

He strode towards the snowman, clapping him on the back. "Good job, Olaf! I knew you had it in you,"

His gaze shifted to the princesses, a chilling hunger replacing the usual warmth. "You've made yourselves quite the prizes, haven't you?"

Elsa felt a surge of panic.

Olaf hopped from foot to foot, his new, imposing nose bobbing with excitement.

As Kristoff closed in, his intentions chillingly clear, Anna shrieked in defiance, "You won't get away with this, you monsters!"

Olaf merely tittered, his chilling new voice a sharp contrast to his usually cheerful tone. "Oh, but dear princess, we already have..."

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