Chani | Dune

Sands of Sorrow

(Or, How to Lose Your Girl to a Giant Worm)

Featuring: Chani

Note from Nick: This set includes my first video with a moving face that has a realistic likeness. This is like the holy grail for me (before videos were either 3d models or still painted faces). I kept the animated motion very limited on this first try, but I'm excited to try more full body and head motion in future videos to come!

Part 1

The harsh sun of Arrakis seared the endless dunes.

Without their stillsuits, Paul and Chani could feel the relentless heat of the desert pressing in on them from all sides.

The hollow they'd carved into the sand offered a sliver of shade, but no true escape.

With their stillsuits discarded in the sand, forbidden moisture glistened on Paul's pale skin, mingling with Chani's tears.

This wasn't just the joining of bodies, but of souls.

Paul saw within her the strength of the Fremen, the ancient wisdom that flowed through her veins.

In his own eyes, Chani saw echoes of the Lisan al-Gaib, the off-world messiah prophecy entwined with her own people's legends.

They touched. Chani's hand, roughened by spice and sand, caressed his cheek.

Her scent, a heady mix of cinnamon and the faint tang of reclaimed water, consumed him.

Their lips met, tentative, then with a surge of hunger born of years of longing.

Paul felt the wet heat of her pussy slide over his cock and heard her gasp as she lowered herself, burying his cock deep inside her.

Together they moved in rhythm until he could take it no longer.

He groaned and came within her, just as she too cried out in ecstasy.

Chani rides your cock...

When it was over, she leaned in close.

"Sihaya," she murmured against his skin, the sacred word of the deep desert.

He repeated it, sealing their bond with the ancient ritual of his adopted people.

The stillsuits were back on before the echo of the word faded. Survival depended upon it.

But the transformation felt wrong, a barrier to the intimacy they'd forged.

As they rose, the desert floor rippled.

A Harkonnen scout materialized, shimmering into existence as the camo field deactivated.

His Sardaukar uniform was a stain against the sands, his eyes blue pits of cruelty. More figures appeared behind him, a heavily armed strike force.

Paul surged forward, but the crackling stunner brought him to his knees.

Chani cried out, but another Sardaukar was far too quick, securing her with a brutal efficiency honed on slave worlds.

Move the slider down to strip Chani!

Chani is captured!
Stripped nude...

"You will come quietly, Muad'Dib," the lead Harkonnen sneered. "The Baron does have plans for you."

Plans that made Paul tremble with fear, not for himself, but for Chani.

She fought against her bonds, her fierce spirit undeterred even in the face of certain death.

The Harkonnen leader grinned, a predator anticipating the kill.

He reached into a belt pouch. Paul knew what he held - a thumper.

The rhythmic pounding would bring a sandworm, and not just any sandworm – a behemoth drawn to the concentrated vibrations.

Paul's visions filled with images of razor-sharp teeth, an endless cavernous maw lined with crystalline hooks.

His beloved Chani was going to be its next meal.

The thumper was set at her feet, the Sardaukar activating it with a sadistic twist of his wrist. Its monotonous beat shattered the desert silence.

Chani thrashed against her bonds, the desert floor trembling as something impossibly large answered the thumper's call.

She screamed, not in fear, but in rage and defiance. It was her war cry, the raw sound of the Fremen echoing across the unforgiving landscape.

Paul's heart shattered with every beat of the thumper.

It measured out the remaining seconds of Chani's life, and his own torture was to watch, forced to witness as the sand boiled beneath her feet.

A colossal worm erupted from the depths, shattering the night with its roar.

Chani struggled against her bonds and whimpered, hearing the monster behind her.

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Bound & Helpless

From a safe distance away, the Harkonnen officer laughed and said, "Here, take this and never say the Harkonnen have no mercy!" and he threw her a vibroknife.

Chani, and the knife, vanished into the maw of churning sand.

Paul's anguished scream was drowned by the worm's bellow as it dove back into the earth.

The Sardaukar laughed. It was the grating, triumphant sound of a man used to inflicting pain.

Paul gazed at the man, his anger giving way to despair.

"One day, you'll suffer the same fate," he said, his voice hollow.

The Sardaukar leader shrugged, unconcerned. He gestured, and Paul was wrenched forward.

They left Chani's discarded stillsuit behind, lying like a broken promise against the shifting sands.

In the Harkonnen transport vessel, Paul was left only with his own thoughts, his own guilt at having failed to save her.

Then, came the realization that was far more horrifying than the prospect of Chani's death: the possibility of her survival.

He knew what horrors awaited inside the belly of a sandworm – the digestive acids that could melt rock, the relentless pressure designed to break anything into usable spice. The worms were the engines of Arrakis, and they were unforgiving.

Yet, a kernel of desperate hope clawed at his insides. Chani was Fremen to her core, resilient and resourceful.

She was the daughter of Liet Kynes, who had mastered the ways of Shai-Hulud.

Could a miracle, born of the desert's harsh demands, bloom from the jaws of death?

The thought festered inside Paul, a twisted counterpart to his despair.

If she lived... if by some unknowable force of will she survived, she would return changed, forever marked by her ordeal.

Would she still look at him with love, or would she see him as a failure – the man who couldn't save her?

To be continued...

Part 2

Coming soon...