Ciri gets throated by Geralt (The Second Lesson)

"Geralt's second lesson in humility and obedience was even more brutal than his first.

She tried to refuse, but he forced his cock into her mouth.

Then her eyes watered and she struggled to breathe as he fucked her tender, young throat.

Yennifer seemed to be in an odd trance.

Normally she would have protested, but she was instead holding Ciri in place.

Ciri couldn't focus long on this strangeness, as Geralt came in her throat, filling her belly with his warm cum.

Would there be a third lesson after this one?!?"

To be continued...

Note: This takes a few years forward, when Ciri is 18+.

Ciri Resists Version
Just the Tip Version
Throat Fuck Version
Cum-Filled Belly Version

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