"The Raven's Call"

An Erotic Tale of Mystery & Murder
with 4K Artwork

Featuring: Wednesday Addams (18+)
& Enid Sinclair (18+)

Story & Artwork by Nick S.



In the pre-dawn darkness, Wednesday and Enid quietly made their way back into Nevermore Academy.

They had sneaked out to go to town.

Wednesday wanted to exhume a body from the cemetery (for reasons only she knew) and Enid had visited a boy she had a crush on.

Groggy now from lack of sleep, they looked forward to sleeping in that morning.

That’s when they heard it - the chilling sound of a raven’s call: caw, caw, caw, echoing across the school grounds.

That could mean only one thing…

They ran towards it, bringing them to the central courtyard of the academy.

The body of a student lay sprawled on the stones, face down on the ground.

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A single raven feather lay next to her lifeless body.

Enid rushed over to see the face. "Mara," she gasped, her eyes welling up with tears.

It was the third murder that semester. Each time, there had been the caw of the raven, a dead student, and the single raven feather.

But this time it was their friend.

Wordlessly, Wednesday crouched beside Mara.

Memories came rushing back - stolen moments under the starry sky, whispers punctuated by Mara's giggling laughter. The three of them sharing secrets, crushes, and, on occasion, a forbidden flask of Professor Alden's moonberry wine.

Fighting back tears, Wednesday noticed something - a faint symbol etched onto Mara's wrist. It was a rune, intricate, barely visible.

But before she could look closer, the figure of Professor Alden emerged from the mist. The courtyard was soon swarming with authorities, who ushered Wednesday and Enid away from the crime scene.


Back in their dorm room, the silence hung heavy. They were used to Mara's laughter filling the space. Now, all they had was the echo of her voice in their heads.

"Do you think the police will catch the killer?," Enid finally asked.

Wednesday snorted in derision. "Of course not. They're utterly incompetent. If we want justice - no, not justice. Revenge, preferably of the bloody sort, we'll need to do it ourselves."

A plan began to form between them, each agreeing to follow up on a different lead.

Wednesday suggested she should go to the police station to get the raven feather to analyze, while Enid would have to visit the morgue to examine the mysterious rune.

"The morgue?" Enid cringed, visibly recoiling from the idea. "Can we switch?"

Wednesday simply shrugged. "Your loss," she said, and she smiled to herself. "Plus, I love the smell of the morgue in the morning."


An hour later, Enid entered the police station and walked into the detective's office, her heart pounding in her chest.

The detective looked up, and said with some impatience, "Can I help you?"

"I need to examine the feather," Enid stated with a controlled calmness.

The detective looked at her, perplexed. "That's police evidence, Miss. You can't just walk in here and demand to see it."

Enid took a deep breath, summoning all her charm. "Detective, it's for a school project. We're investigating... forensics. It would help me a lot."

He snorted, unconvinced. "A school project? I'm not risking my job for that. You're cute, but sorry."

Enid’s mind raced, not sure what to do next. But then she got an idea…

Slipping off her school uniform jacket, she leaned forward on the desk, her voice dropping lower, her tone flirtatious. "Maybe there's something I can do for you, Mr. Detective?"

The detective paused, taken aback, and then laughed. "Well, aren't you a charmer? But, I can't..."

Enid glanced around to make sure no one else could see, and she began slowly unbuttoning her shirt. "Are you sure? Nothing at all I can do for you?" she asked.

The detective was slack-jawed, his eyes glued to the teenage cleavage Enid was slowly revealing to him. He licked his dry lips and said, "Well.."

But the words died in his mouth as Enid pulled open her shirt and her perky boobs popped out, bouncing firmly with nipples erect.

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"Come," Enid purred, "Give them a feel."

In a trance, the detective reached over and fondled her firm teenage tits, not believing this was really happening.

Enid smiled, then remarked,"Don't worry, this will be our secret, especially since I'm only 17..."

That was all it took.

The detective came crashing back to reality and began sputtering in protest, but Enid just smiled. "Just give me the feather and no one needs to know anything."

Five minutes later, Enid walked out of the police station with the feather in her pocket. She felt a bit bad scaring the cop like that, since she was actually 18, but wow that had worked well.

She made a mental note to try that more often.


Meanwhile, across town, Wednesday walked into the morgue. The coroner, Mr. Patel, a pudgy middle-aged Indian man with a gentle manner, looked up from his work.

Wednesday said, “Hi, I need to see the body of Mara Silverlake. It won’t take more than a few minutes.”

Mr. Patel looked confused, “I’m sorry, are you a relative? If not then I’m so sorry but I’m not able to give you access.”

Wednesday gave him an impatient look, “I’m a friend of hers and would appreciate you hurrying as I’m in a bit of a rush.”

Mr. Patel stood up, replying with great patience, “I see, but I’m sorry, it’s just not possible.”

Wednesday let out an exasperated sigh, and walked over to Mr. Patel.

Without any warning, she reached over and cupped his cock with her hand, while fixing him with an unsmiling stare.

His eyes widened in shock and surprise, but he remained where he was, frozen, as she caressed his now growing member.

“Ever had an 18 year old girl suck your cock, Mr. Patel?” Wednesday asked.

He shook his head quietly, the look of disbelief still on his face.

“Well today’s your lucky day,” said Wednesday as she dropped to her knees and smoothly unbuckled his pants, releasing his now raging erection.

Mr. Patel looked up, uttered a prayer to Lakshmi, then groaned as Wednesday took his cock in her mouth.

Efficiently, Wednesday licked, sucked, and bobbed her head over his cock. She planted a hand on his ass and pulled him forward, licking the head then taking him balls-deep into her throat.

He groaned and rocked back and forth in a trance of ecstasy.

Suddenly she popped off, looked up at him, and asked point blank: "So, the body?"

Mr. Patel still had a dreamy look on his face, "The body..." before suddenly coming to. "Yes, of course, not a problem at all, miss!"

Wednesday gave a curt nod, then throated his entire cock in one quick movement. Mr. Patel's eyes widened in shock and pleasure and he instantly came, painting her throat with streams of his hot cum.

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Wednesday swallowed it down without emotion, got up, wiped a spot of cum from her lips, and gave him an impatient look.

With effort, Mr. Patel refocused his eyes, saw the look on her face, and hurriedly buckled up his pants while walking over to an autopsy table in the middle of the room.

On the table a body was covered in a sheet. With a practiced motion, Mr. Patel flicked the sheet back, revealing her naked body.

[Remove the sheet over Mara by sliding the slider down]


Wednesday fought back a sudden flood of tears seeing her friend again, so beautiful even in death.

“Any idea yet,” Wednesday said, “of the cause of death?”

Mr. Patel seemed to hesitate, not sure if he should divulge this information in the middle of an investigation, but Wednesday just raised an eyebrow. He said, “Well, like the other two victims, there is no obvious sign of trauma or injury, except for the odd symbol there.”

Wednesday nodded, then knelt down to examine the rune on her wrist.

Sure enough, it was still there, faintly glowing.

The rune was a cryptic symbol, etched onto Mara's skin with surreal precision. It was a series of swirling wavy lines around a central spiral.

The rune reminded Wednesday of symbols used in very old magic rituals, but its origin would require some research to pin down.

Wednesday got up, brusquely thanked Mr. Patel, and started to walk out of the room.

At the doorway, she stopped, turned back, and said, "Oh, and Mr. Patel, in case you are tempted to... misuse Mara, just know that if you do, you'll end on the slab next to hers. I guarantee it."

And with that she walked out of the morgue.

Mr. Patel looked after her, shook his head slowly, then covered up Mara again with great gentleness, a shaken look on his face.



Enid awoke to the haunting strains of Wednesday's cello resonating in the night air. "What time is it?" she wondered sleepily.

Shuffling onto the balcony, she arrived just as Wednesday's performance ended.

"Still stuck?" Enid inquired softly.

Wednesday turned, her expression pensive. "I've scoured half the library's secret tomes, yet nothing about this symbol. Someone must know something."

As if on cue, a knock echoed at the door.

It was Taylor, the most annoying hallmate ever, always complaining about this and that – the smell of the rotting corpse Wednesday had brought home to dissect, the infestation of skull-head moths Wednesday had collected, the escaped vipers from Wednesday’s new terrarium.

Wednesday braced herself for yet another trivial grievance.

"Know it's 3AM, right? Your music's waking everyone. There's a test I need to study for tomorrow, so I'd really appreciate it if..." Taylor's voice droned on, but Wednesday tuned her out.

As annoying as she was, Taylor was kind of cute. Wednesday's mind drifted, imagining Taylor stripped naked, bound with ropes, and gagged.

But her daydream was interrupted as Taylor pointed at a notebook in her hand.

"Hey, where'd you get that?" Taylor asked, eyeing the sketch of the symbol found on the victims.

Wednesday snapped back to reality, preparing to answer, but Taylor cut in. "That looks like something from Professor Blackwood's demonology class. Avoid it if you can. Too dark and creepy. Although, you might like it," she added with a sarcastic smile before leaving abruptly.

Exchanging a look of surprise, Wednesday went to her closet and began rummaging through it. She set aside a small bag and then pocketed something small and metal.

Enid couldn't hide her excitement. "Did you catch that? Professor Blackwood might be our lead!" Her face clouded with doubt. "But how can we be sure?"

"Simple," Wednesday replied, unrolling a canvas bag filled with nasty-looking torture instruments. "We'll finally get to use these on him."

Enid's eyes widened. "Wednesday, we can't just torture the guy!"

"Of course not," Wednesday said coolly. "We'll end his life too, slowly and painfully. The torture is just the prelude. Now let's go before he kills someone else."

Rolling her eyes, Enid hurried after Wednesday down the hallway.


With a flick of her claws, Enid deftly unlocked the Professor's office door.

The room was a chaotic mix of dusty books, scattered bones, and flickering candles, casting eerie shadows on the walls.

At the rear, a pentagram with a human skull at its center was drawn on the floor, its lines shimmering faintly in the candlelight.

The Professor was nowhere in sight.

A gust from an open window sent a chill through the room.

As Enid moved to close the window, a raven suddenly swooped in, nearly colliding with her.

"It's his pet!" Enid gasped.

"No, Enid," Wednesday corrected with a calculating gaze, as she fingered the cold metal object in her pocket. "It's something else."

Transforming before them, the raven grew, contorted, and reshaped into Professor Blackwood himself, who stood up, wearing a sinister smile.

"Looking for me?" he taunted, smoothing his red robe. "I see the Dark One has led you straight to me."

Wednesday stepped forward, dagger in hand. "Before your slow and painful death, tell me why you killed those girls."

The Professor laughed, starting an incantation. Just as Wednesday lunged at him, he spat the final word: "Stygias!"

Everything went black.


Regaining consciousness, Wednesday and Enid found themselves naked, tied up on the cold floor. The Professor was chanting by the pentagram, his aura now a faint red, his eyes ember-like, his voice deep and malevolent.

Wednesday remembered vaguely from her class on demonology that these were classic signs of demonic possession.

"You're awake, good. You'll soon witness my true form's arrival before I discard this body," he sneered.

A purple glow emanated from the pentagram, a shadowy figure emerging.

The Professor advanced, blocking their view. "The ritual was painless for the others, but for you, I'll make an exception."

He held up Wednesday's dagger, his intentions clear.

“But first, the sacrifices shall be filled with my fresh cum” and he moved aside his robes, exposing his very erect cock.

Grabbing her head with no warning, he thrust his cock deep into Wednesday’s throat, choking and gagging her.

She tried to bite him, but his cock was inhumanly hard. Almost immediately she felt it spasm as he shot cumload after cumload down her throat, bloating out her belly.

She gasped for air as he pulled out, cum still drooling from her lips, only to see him grab a shocked Enid by the hair.

Enid’s eyes bulged as he slid his cock balls deep and pumped her full of demonic jizz.

Then the possessed Professor pushed her head off his cock, leaving her gasping and choking, and he continued in his demonic voice: “Next, the sacrifices shall have their souls ripped from their bodies.”

Wednesday glanced at Enid, urgency in her voice. "Quick, use your claws on the ropes!"

But before they could move, a colossal tentacle surged from above, coiling around the Professor's neck, and pulled him back with ferocious strength.

Horrified, Wednesday and Enid watched as a monstrous demon, sporting a single eye, eight writhing tentacles, and a cavernous mouth, lifted Professor Blackwood into the air.

His screams, now strikingly human, echoed through the room. "Master, no! I've done all you asked! You promised me—" His plea was abruptly silenced as his head disappeared into the demon's gaping maw.

"Oh my god," Enid gasped, turning away, a hand over her mouth. "I think I'm going to be sick."

Wednesday's eyes narrowed. "Lucky him—he's getting off easy."

"Easy? How is being devoured alive by a demon easy?" exclaimed Enid in disbelief.

"Compared to what I had in mind for him," Wednesday retorted. "Now hurry, cut your ropes. We need to escape."

Enid tore through her bindings and quickly freed Wednesday as well.

Wednesday dashed over to her clothes.

Enid shouted, “Forget your clothes – we need to…” but the warning cut off as Enid felt a slimy tentacle wrap around her waist, lifting her into the air, “Help!”

Wednesday pulled the small metal object out of her jacket pocket, a silver amulet, and grabbed the dagger now lying on the floor.

With a swift, acrobatic leap, she launched into the air, aiming the dagger at the tentacle holding Enid. But as the blade made contact, it slid off the demon's slick, rubbery skin, failing to make a cut.

Before she could recover, another tentacle snaked out, wrapping tightly around Wednesday, its grip constricting with terrifying strength. The pressure forced the amulet from her grasp, sending it clattering across the floor.

Dangling helpless in the air, they watched in horror as three especially large tentacles peeled back, revealing writhing cocks.

“Oh no, no, no – this is NOT good!” Enid cried, as the first tentacle began to nuzzle its way between her legs. She desperately tried to kick it away, but it was slick with slime.

She felt a sudden pressure on her anus and then felt the tentacle cock slide into her, stretching her asshole wider and wider.

To her surprise, the initial pain faded quickly, and soon the giant cock actually felt good in her ass. She found herself moaning with pleasure and wanting even more.

Wednesday, meanwhile, got a special tentacle with a double cock on the end. At first she was going to fight it, but she noticed Enid seemed to be enjoying her tentacle fuck. And how many chances would she get to be double-stuffed by a demon?

She shrugged and opened her legs and though she was expecting it, she still gasped as the slimy tentacle cocks slithered inside her pussy and asshole, pushing deep within her.

Within a few moments, she too was moaning in pleasure as she was double-fucked – some kind of mind control spell?

But then a third tentacle cock appeared in front of her, already spouting cum onto her face and breasts, and she quickly sobered up. She was already full to bursting with cum in her belly, and panicked a bit at the thought of being pumped even more full of demon cum.

That’s when a glint caught her eye - the amulet!

It must have been some kind of charm spell because she’d completely forgotten about trying to escape.

Timing it with the next thrust of the cocks, Wednesday pushed off a tentacle and slid out of its grasp towards the ground. She tumbled, rolling agilely, her hand snatching the amulet.

Clutching it tightly, she sprung up just as the demon loomed over her, its gaping maw opening to swallow her whole.

In that critical moment, Wednesday clicked open the amulet. A blinding white light erupted from it, filling the room. With fierce determination, she shouted an ancient incantation, her voice echoing over the demon's roar.

The light intensified, enveloping the demon. It writhed and screeched, the very air around it seeming to tear open. With one final, ear-splitting howl, the demon was sucked back through the portal, the light disappearing as swiftly as it had appeared, leaving behind a stunned silence.

Enid, released from the tentacle's grasp, collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath. "How... how did you do that?" she stammered, her eyes wide with shock and awe.

Wednesday, regaining her composure, picked up her clothes and began dressing nonchalantly. "Those bodies I was digging up in the cemetery? This is what I was looking for," she explained, holding up the small metal object. "It belonged to a renowned demonologist. It's imbued with a powerful banishing charm, I suppose you could call it, designed to send demons back to hell. I had a hunch we'd need it, given the supernatural nature of the murders."

Just then, the door burst open. A group of students and teachers flooded into the room, drawn by the screams. In the middle of chaos stood the two girls and the grisly remaining half of the Professor Blackwood.


Later on that night, Enid leaned over to Wednesday in the dark.

“You still up?” she whispered, before continuing without waiting for a response, “That was such an insane night. I still can’t believe we both got butt-fucked by an real life demon.”

There was silence from Wednesday.

“I mean, I know I’m supposed to be all traumatized,” Enid said, “but honestly it was really good sex.” She sighed and fell back on her pillow. “If only the boys could feel that amazing.”

Without opening her eyes, Wednesday reached down and grabbed something from a small box by the bed and tossed it next to Enid.

Enid squinted at it in the low light and started to squeal in alarm. But then she stopped, “Wait, is that what I think it is? How did you get part of the tentacle?!”

“When the portal closed, it got cut off. I just popped it in my pocket before the police arrived.” Wednesday said, eyes still closed, arms crossed over her like she was lying in a coffin.

Enid looked at it for a few more moments, then bit her lip while taking it in her hand. It was still warm. Perfect!

As she slid it under the sheets, she heard Wednesday say faintly in the background, “You’re welcome.”

But already the waves of pleasure had begun as she slipped the tentacle into her tight little pussy.

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