Demons of Desire

Featuring: Eleven (18+) & Max Mayfield (18+)

Part I: Eleven & Max are reunited...

A new evil stirs in the Upside Down, feeding off of lust and forbidden sexual energies.

The Demons of Desire circled their prey, waiting for their chance...

- - -

Meanwhile on a private stretch of beach in California, Eleven & Max stretched out on the sand.

It had been months since they last seen each other, consumed as they were by juggling school and being teen mothers.

Their demon spawn children had so far been very normal, showing no signs yet of their infernal origins.

With Nancy babysitting, they could finally take a little time for themselves.

At first they just chatted and caught up, falling into their old easy rhythm.

Then Max's leg brushed El's, and she felt an electric thrill go through her.

She could tell El felt it too.

Max reached over and touched El's soft skin, very gently, and said, "I've missed you, El."

And her hand slowly caressed upwards till it rested on her inner thigh.

El gasped and closed her eyes, breathing faster, "Max, should we..."

And in answer, Max kissed her, feeling her soft lips yield to her gently probing tongue.

Soon they had shyly taken off their clothes, and lay gloriously naked before each other.

Max's wet pussy begin to thrum with desire...

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Eleven & Max catch up...
Max caresses El's thighs
Max caresses El's thighs (Nude)

Part II: Max is captured by a demon of desire!

The demon's head snapped up in alertness and it seemed to sniff the air.

Yes, this is what it had been waiting for...


Max brought El to her feet and passionately kissed her, while cupping her cute little bum in her hands.

When suddenly - the scene shifted.

Instead of being on an idyllic California beach, Max found herself alone in a deserted attic, the wind howling outside.

She felt a terror go through her, but forced herself to try to be calm.

"El, where are you, stop playing tricks on me!"

When out of the shadows, a horror emerged, a gaunt demon with no eyes and grotesquely protruding mouth.

But most disturbing was the impossibly long cock, already dripping with precum.

Max stumbled back in blind panic, tripped over a box, and opened her mouth to scream as the demon pounced on her.

Her scream was cut off, "Mmmphmph," as that slimy cock forced its way into her open mouth.

Disgust began to well up inside her, but then...

...that sweet taste. The cum was delicious, intoxicating. It made her lust swell back inside her and overwhelm her senses.

She know only one thing - she wanted to be fucked in all her holes by this glorious cock.

If only El could be here to join her...


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The demon attacks!
Max stumbles in panic
Max flees in terror!
Max is intoxicated by the magic cum

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Part III

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Part IV

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Bonus Promo Artwork

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Eleven & Max
Eleven & Max titties exposed!
Max gets groped by a demon

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