SCENES 150 & 151

Ruby gets captured, stripped, and gangbanged

Smolder stopped walking and shook his water bottle, realizing it was empty.

The jungle was a humid as a bathtub, but he was still sweating like crazy.

"Hey, Ruby, you got any extra water on you?" he said.


Just the sound of them pushing through the brush.

He looked around, "Guys, where's Ruby?!"

Everyone turned but she was nowhere to be found...

-- --

At first, she smelled a sweet scent, like honey mixed with jasmine, and breathed in in deeply.

So nice!

But immediately, she felt a bit dizzy and disoriented.

She barely noticed as tentacle-line vines wrapped around her legs and pulled her to ground.

She fought to focus but was so groggy.

Another tentacle grabbed her arm and then wrapped around her neck.

She was about to call out, when she felt a firm tug on her shorts and top.

Vaguely she realized she was being stripped.

She should be freaking out, but she felt so relaxed...

Until the slimy vines thrust simultaneously deep into her pussy and her ass.

-- --

Suddenly they heard a cry from behind them.

'Ruby!" and they rushed to save her.

They couldn't believe what they saw when they got there.

There she was, clothing ripped off, with giant plant tentacles fucking her in her asshole and her cunt.

Against their own conscious, all the boys got instantly hard.

The double-fucking seemed to have awakened her a bit.

"Don't just stand there - save me!!!" she yelled at them.

But as they breathed in the sweet pheromones from the plant, all they felt was the raging lust in their cocks.

Wordlessly, they tore the vines from her.

For a moment, she felt relief, until she saw all three of them shucking off their clothing.

"Guys... what are you doing, guys!? Guys?!?! Mmpht..." but her protests were silenced as Shelly filled her mouth with his cock.

Smolder & Mouse made eye-contact and nodded, and at the same time thrust into both her holes.


Poor, Ruby, doesn't look like she'll be able to dance fight her way out of this one!

Ruby gets ensnared!

Torn Outfit
Nude Version

Ruby gets gangbanged

Ruby gets gangbanged

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