An Interactive Virtual Sex Scene

Hermione desperately sucks you off to drink down your cum

This is an excerpt from Chapter 8, when you try to spike Ginny's pumpkin juice with some magic cum, to make her thirst to drink more of your cum. But it quickly goes wrong... (To play the full game, click here)

While distracted by the guest on stage, you pour the potion into Ginny's pumpkin juice, giving it a quick stir before anyone notices.

"I can't believe she's here," Ginny said as activity resumed.

"I mean actually, here…here!" She said, fangirling over the famous witch.

"Yeah. Great," Hermione grumbled, still embarrassed by the interview and having made no further progress with her investigation.

Hermione took a swig of her juice… the wrong juice! She had picked up Ginny's cup by accident. The one you had just spiked with your cum.

The embarrassed witch coughed and took another swig. She suddenly looked flushed.

"I think…I think I need to…I feel a little…" she stammered.

"Are you okay?" Ginny asked.

"No... I…Harry, could you help me to the infirmary?"

You quickly get up and take her arm, supporting her on the way out. No one really notices their attention on the star in their midst. Once out of the hall, Hermione dragged you into the office of a visiting professor, who was off for break.

She pulled you close.

"I need you, Harry. I need… to suck your cock." She said, her voice husky.

"Hermione, what about…." you start before being interrupted.

"Please, Harry! Over the last few days, everything has gone wrong! Leaving the Library open so someone could steal the book, messing up on Aurora's show, being unable to discover who put a charm on me…" she started to run her hands along your cock through your jeans.

"… I just need to prove I can still be good at something…" she pleaded.

"I get that, Hermione, but is this really…"

"Please, Harry. I need this."

You usually wouldn't have even hesitated. But, by acting reluctant to take advantage of Hermione's existential crisis, you hoped to paint yourself in a more selfless light. Doing so would hopefully distance you from any ideas she might have of you being involved in anything untoward. Be it the book, or her interview.

It appeared that the portion wasn't just making Hermione crave your cum, but allowing her to justify it. It was a silly twisted logic, but it worked for her. Who are you to say no?

"Okay, if this is really what you need, I'll help you."

"Oh, Harry." The curly-haired teen sighed.

She didn't even bother struggling with your trousers, she just waved her wand, and you were both suddenly naked. Not exactly necessary for her to be naked, but you weren't going to protest a chance to admire her sexy body while she willingly gave you a blowjob. She even begged you.

You lay down on the ground and she got down on her knees, crawling sexily over you.

She softly stroked your cock, and then you felt the warm velvet of her wet tongue, licking up and down your shaft.

You let out a moan as she began going down on you, taking the head and top part of your throbbing shaft into your silky warm mouth.

It felt so amazing, especially that she was doing it willingly. No sleeping powders or icky blackmail needed.

But she seemed a bit hesitant to throat you. Just imagining her swallowing your whole cock, maybe gagging a bit, was such a turn on.

You grab her by the back of the head and gently push her downwards.

In her thirst for your cum, she complied and you gasped as her tender throat slid around your cock.

You released the pressure so she could lift her head enough to take a breath, and then immediately pushed it down again.

You engorged cock was sliding in and out, turning her teenage throat into your personal fuck sleeve.

Hermione was so cum-crazed, she seemed totally fine with it, though she grimaced a bit as your cock went balls-deep inside her.

Finally, you could take it no longer.

You forced her head all the way down, till she was swallowing your entire cock, and you exploded, shooting jets of cum straight down her throat.

Her eyes went wide. Cum dribbled from the sides of her mouth.

Then suddenly she stiffened, and pulled back quickly making your cock pop out of your mouth.

She seemed confused for a second and opened her mouth as if to protest, but a flood of cum spilled out down her chin and onto her hand.

You held your breath. You hadn’t thought what might happen once she got your cum and the spell wore off.

You felt a prickle of fear rise in you.

But Hermione just stammered, looking intensely embarrassed. Her mind was trying to piece everything together, but she was too overwhelmed.

“Harry, I… I don’t know what just happened. I’m so sorry,” she said, before suddenly realizing her nakedness.

She let out a small squeal and cast a spell, which redressed her instantly.

“It’s OK, Hermione, really don’t feel bad…” you start to say, but she doesn’t seem to be listening.

“Luna… I’ve got to talk to Luna,” she said.

Your prickle of fear turned into outright panic on hearing this, but before you could say anything, she ran off, leaving you naked on the floor, cum still dripping from your now flaccid member.

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Interactive Virtual Blowjob from Hermione Granger

After the module loads, drag your cursor or your finger downwards have her start licking your shaft.

Then drag it up and down to control her head, while dragging more downwards to advance the scene.

I highly recommend doing this on a desktop in full-screen mode for the most detailed, immersive experience (like seeing the delicate pores in her skin)

Click the full-screen icon in the lower right.

Still Images

Hermione's velvet tongue
Hermione tastes your precum (Uniform)
Hermione tastes your precum (Nude)
Hermione gags on your full cock
Shooting your cum down Hermione's throat
The spell is broken!

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