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The Padawan's Final Lesson

Featuring: Ahsoka Tano & Sabine Wren

The Padawan's Final Lesson

A small white and blue starship appeared out of hyperspeed near a lush jungle planet.

In the cockpit, Ahsoka stared at the grainy holographic message replaying again and again.

It was a figure of a Jedi, face in shadow, repeating the same line, broken by static:

"Through a veil of hatred and... lies, a love's ember in the dark shall rise. When a fath... choice breaks the chai... of night, the Sith shall fall in the..."

She knew in her gut it was a prophecy, one that spoke directly to the fall of the Empire.

If only she had the full recording.

Sabine had been able to pinpoint the origin of the signal - Dantara V.

"Hey look at this," Sabine said in the seat next to hers, "So not only in there the old rebel base, there's also an ancient Jedi temple, not far from it."

Ahsoka smiled to herself, glad that Sabine had joined her on this mission.

She looked over at her, absorbed in reading the terminal output, and found herself surprised when suddenly Sabine looked back at her.

Ahsoka started and looked away, before glancing back sheepishly.

Sabine smiled mischievously, "I'm sorry, were you just checking me out?"

Ahsoka's already reddish complexion hid her blush.

She looked down at the planet below them, "You think the message could be from the old temple?"

Sabine smirked, "Yup, and better bring a change of clothes, cause there's Delfinae vines all over that temple. They spit an acid that dissolves organic cloth."

Ahsoka shot her a skeptical look.

Sabine leaned in and whispered, "Might end up totally naked by the end of this mission..." and she winked.


Aboard his Imperial Shuttle, Darth Vader listened carefully to the low tones of the probe droid.

It seems that his old padawan had also intercepted the message and had gotten to Dantara V first.

No matter.

She would be no match for him, not then and certainly not now that he wielded the full power of the dark side.

He felt a rising hatred towards her.

She had abandoned him. Just like the others.

But even as he felt this darkness swirl within him, flickers of old feelings, of affection, of respect, perhaps even something more...

A desire for her?

Vader clenched his fist, refocusing on the pain coursing through his body to clear his thoughts.

No... he would make her pay dearly for her foolish pride.

But most of all, for her disobedience...

That was what she needed.

A final lesson in obedience to her true Master.


Scene 1: "Then lucky I'm not a Jedi anymore"

Ahsoka laughed in disbelief as she looked at the remnants of her clothes.

They had successfully recovered the holocron from the Temple, and were now in the old deserted rebel base.

The reflection in a large window served as a mirror for them both.

"You never told me that Mandalorian armor is immune to those vines!"

Sabine smiled, "I did tell you to bring some extra clothes."

Ahsoka ducked behind a screen and changed into the only extra outfit she had - her old one from back when she was a young padawan.

Did it even still fit?

She stepped out, and Sabine whistled when she saw her. "That's cute!"

The bra and skirt hugged all her curves and left little to the imagination.

"Wait wait, turn around," Sabine said laughing, "Let me see that gorgeous ass of yours."

Ahsoka blushed again, but obliged, happy Sabine found her so cute.

She was surprised when she felt Sabine's hand caress her hip, then move slowly down her thigh.

Her eyes fluttered as sparks of pleasure flowed through her.

Suddenly Sabine was quite close to her, speaking softly in her ear, "I know Jedi aren't supposed to..."

Ahsoka silenced her with a touch, "Then lucky I'm not a Jedi anymore."

Soon they were both naked before each other, completely failing to notice the Imperial Shuttle descending in the distance behind them...

Slide the slider down to strip off Ahsoka's & Sabine's outfits! (Check out the shuttle too ; p)

Ahsoka tries on her old outfit...
Ahsoka shows off that fine ass
Ahsoka & Sabine admire each other's reflection
Ahsoka & Sabine admire their reflections (Front & Rear View)

Scene 2: A More Cunning Distraction

Darth Vader stood some distance away from the old Rebel base.

Memories of the battle fought here came back to him, screams of the dying as they were overrun.

The probe droid approached him and projected a small holographic scene into the air.

While his mask betrayed nothing, inside Vader's feelings roiled at what he saw.

His old padawan was naked, legs apart, being eaten out by Sabine Wren, another rebel.

A surge of lust and desire rose within Vader, echoes of his hidden feelings all those years for his padawan.

In his loins, his cock began to stir... one of the few undamaged parts of his old body.

He clenched his fist, forcing his mind to clear and re-channel his anger and hatred for his rebellious apprentice.

"Enough" said Vader, and the image cut off.

He motioned to nearby stormtroopers to encircle the base.

He had expected more of his old padawan.

She should have easily sensed his presence and been ready to face him.

But it now seems he will be able to have the advantage of total surprise.

He thought to himself that had he tried, he could not have come up with a more cunning distraction.

The force is with us, he thought to himself.

The time for her lesson is near...

[Sabine licks Ahsoka's wet pussy - notice the stormtroopers in the background!]

Ahsoka gets eaten out by Sabine

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Scene 3: An Imperial Interrogation

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Scene 4: The Master's Final Lesson...

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