Ellie (18+) gets tied up, stripped naked, fingered, and then gets a full-nelson anal

Note: After my recent stroke, I'm so happy to be back to work and able to do artwork once again. This Ellie set was originally delayed as I struggled to get a likeness and body type I found hot enough. Hopefully I've finally got it?

Also, note that this is HBO's The Last of Us, not the video game version!

* * *

Ellie and Joel get into a huge fight and she decides to ditch him.

The first couple of days it felt really freeing to finally be on her own again.

But if she's honest with herself, she's missing him a bit by the third evening.

She finds an abandoned mansion and decides to camp there for the night...

Scene 1: Something in the mirror...

Wandering around the mansion she begins to feel lonelier than ever and misses Joel.

There's an old floor length mirror still hanging on the wall.

Ellie stares at herself in it, looking at the bags under her eyes and feeling exhausted.

She imagines Joel there with her, wrapping his arms around her, holding her against his warm body.

Fuck he's old, but she kept having these thoughts. These fantasies...

Suddenly she is jolted back to reality - did something move in the reflection behind her?!?


Move the slider down to remove Ellie's shirt and reveal those gorgeous titties!

Ellie stares into the mirror...
Ellie stripped naked...

Scene 2: Tied up and helpless!

Before Ellie can get a better look, a shadow moves across her.

She momentarily feels a sharp pain in her head, then all goes black...

When she awakes, Ellie's head is throbbing and her wrists are aching.

Groggily she tries to move, but finds herself tightly tied with ropes, splayed open and vulnerable.

She moans, trying to wake up fully, and wishing she'd never left Joel.

That's when she hears it.

The faint clicking noise, first distant, then getting closer.

She holds her breath and tries not to move at all.

It's behind her.

Then comes the screech - it's located her!!!

Move the slider down to strip off Ellie's clothing!
Tied up and helpless!
Stripped naked...
Exposing her sweet little pussy...

Scene 3: "I thought you'd never ask."

Panic surged in her veins as she heard the Clicker closing in behind her.

Ellie tugged harder at her binds, but they held her fast.

Whispering a desperate plea, she said, "Come on, Joel... please."

She could almost feel the Clicker's grotesque touch when a deafening gunshot rang out. Something behind her crumpled to the ground.

Joel appeared from the haze, his gun smoking.

His breathing was labored, but his eyes were fierce, even angry.

Quickly, he moved to Ellie's side, grabbing her by the shoulders.

"Are you okay, kiddo?" he asked, his voice thick with emotion.

Ellie, gasping for breath, nodded, see the body of the Clicker now. "I...I thought I was done for..."

Ignoring her nakedness, Joel pulled her into a tight embrace, holding her close, as if trying to shield her from all the horrors of their world.

Ellie buried herself in the comfort of his familiar scent and security of his arms.

But as relief washed over her, Joel pulled back, locking eyes with her.

"Promise me one thing," he said, his gaze unwavering.

Ellie nodded, tears filling her eyes.

"NEVER run off on me like that again."

Swallowing hard, Ellie whispered, "I promise. I'm so sorry, Joel..."

His eyes narrowed.

"I promise," she said again.

And the anger melted away in his face. More than anything, she could see he was afraid of losing her.

Ellie looked up at him, then said, her voice shaky, "Joel?"

"Yeah, kiddo?"

She hestitated. "Can you hold me?"

He looked at her, and the both understood in that moment.

He circled around and held her from behind, her arms and legs still bound.

She felt electricity arcing through her and she moaned, her breath going ragged.

"Touch me..."

His calloused hands caressed her soft skin, feeling her taut stomach and the swell of her full breasts.

"I want you..." she whispered, "inside me, Joel."

Without a moment of hesitation, his hand slid down to her teenage pussy, now wet with arousal.

He closed his eyes as he slid his fingers into her tight, warm cunt while gently rubbing her clit.

Ellie gasped, and then begged him quietly, "Fill my pussy, please Joel..."

He put his mouth right by her ear, smiled, and said, "I thought you'd never ask. Get ready, kiddo."

He slides his fingers in her tight little cunt...
"Get ready, kiddo..."
Blurred Face Version

Scene 4: Ellie gets all her holes filled with Joel's hot cum

Joel cut Ellie down and pulled her to the mattress that lay on the floor.

Her knuckled turned white gripping the sheets as Joel's massive cock slid into her pussy for the first time.

Her moans and shouts echoed in the empty mansion.

Then Joel grunted as his cock erupted within her, filling her with his warm cum.

He held her and she smiled, happy for the first time in a long time.

She felt the wetness as the cum dribbled out of her pussy lips.

Suddenly she got an idea. "Joel?"

"Yeah, kiddo?" he replied, looking a bit sleepy.

"Don't fall asleep! Let's keep going... but this time, I want you in my ass."

That got his attention.

He gave her a searching look.

"And hold me really tight, I want to feel... I don't know, like you got me, as you pound me in the ass of course."

Joel gave her a soft smile and nodded, his cock already getting hard again at the thought of fucking her in her tight little asshole.

She'd played before with a dildo and tried anal with it. It felt good.

So she thought she was ready.

As he locked her down in a full nelson, splaying open ass and exposing her pink anus, she felt good, even relaxed.

But she was NOT ready, not for that giant cock as it stretched open her asshole.

Or as the monster meat pushed deep into her, making her gasp and stifle a scream.

Joel held her in an iron grip as he began to pound his cock deeper and deeper into her ass.

Slowly the pain gave way to pleasure and it was Ellie's turn to shout as she came suddenly, aroused by the feeling of Joel holding her so tightly and fucking her so hard.

Hearing her climax, Joel let it rip and emptied his balls into her quivering ass.


Later that night, as they cuddled, Ellie said, "Wait, Joel, who knocked me out and tied me up? It couldn't have been the Clicker."

Joel, half-asleep, said, "Some crazy guy who left sacrifices to the Clickers. He tried to jump me too."

Ellie was silent for a bit. She imagined that Joel must have killed him too.

"I won't leave you again, Joel." she said, "I promise."

But he was already asleep, his arms cradled around her.

Cumming in her ass
Cum in all her holes...

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Bonus Artworks

As some of you might know, this original set got delayed because I couldn't get her face and body right (to my liking at least!). So I created a number of practice or test artworks that didn't end up getting used in the final set.

These are the best ones, which I polished up a bit. Enjoy!

Ellie Bonus 1
Ellie Bonus 2
Ellie Bonus 3