Baywatch: Toxic Waters

Featuring: Summer Quinn (Alexandra D.),
Victoria Leeds (Priyanka C.), and The Rock

Victoria Leed's plan had been working perfectly.

Dump illegal toxic waste into the bay.

And get paid millions by the chemical companies.

So simple!

For a year now, she'd just been raking it in by the handfuls.

But now it was all ruined.

It was that pesky Baywatch team again.

"Mr. Muscles" himself, Mitch.

And that little cunt of a partner of his, Summer Quinn.


God how much she hated them both!

They'd gotten hard evidence of her crimes and handed it over to the police.

But they hadn't caught her yet...

Victoria smiled to herself.

She'd planned her escape.

She had millions in offshore accounts and a house waiting for her in Bermuda.

But she had one task to finish off before she got on the plane.


Scene 1: Revenge is best served... on live TV!

Mitch slowly came to, his head hammering.

Where was he? Why couldn't he move his arms?

He heard a soft groan and looked down.


She was totally naked by his feet, hands tied behind her back with rope.

He quickly looked away - this was NOT cool!

He was her boss. It was totally unprofessional to see her naked like this, even if they were tied up against their will.


"Mitch? What..." Summer started to say, as she regained consciousness, but her words were cut off by the sight in front of her.

A massive cock.

Flaccid, yes. But still impossibly fat and long, and... oh my God - it's Mitch's!

She'd had a crush on him for months now.

But he was waaay too professional to pick up on it at all.

That really frustrated her. She wasn't used to not getting any guy she wanted.

But holy shit - his cock was absolutely enormous!

"I see you're both awake," said a familiar voice behind them...


Victoria was giddy at how perfectly her plan had come together.

And now seeing their utterly shocked and confused faces.

This was so worth delaying her escape for another hour.

She just hoped the libido serum she'd injected in Mitch worked like it was supposed to...

"You won't get away with this, Victoria - the cops are coming for you," Mitch said.

"Oh spare me your canned lines, Muscle boy. This isn't some shitty TV show," she answered, "I know the cops are coming. That's why I won't be here. But you will."

Mitch laughed. "Ah, not a problem, Victoria. It's not me the cops want..."

"Really? Even after you've brutally fucked poor little Summer here? on live TV no less?" Victoria answered coolly.


Mitch was taken aback.

That was not what he had expected to hear.

"Victoria, I would NEVER even THINK..."

But his words trailed off as he noticed his cock.

It was hot, almost burning with arousal, and fully erect, pressing against Summer's face.

"What was that you were saying?" Victoria smirked, as she stroked his cock and slapped Summer's face with it.

Mitch struggled to respond, as images of him forcefully throat fucking Summer suddenly flooded his brain.

"I... I would never..."

What was wrong?

He noticed Summer's shaved pussy and began to strain at his ropes, needing to fuck that little cunt so hard...

Wait... what was that Victoria has said about live TV?

In his fog, he saw Victoria pointing at something... a camera, training directly on them.

"There's the camera..."

That's when he noticed Victoria's blazer, hanging open, exposing those gorgeous tits.

And that round ass of hers...

With a sudden shout, he flexed his muscles with all his strength and felt the ropes snap.

He saw Victoria's face go white as she stumbled backwards in shock and fear.

Summer's turn would come, Mitch thought, but first it was time to stretch me some tight Indian asshole!

To be continued...

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