Spidergwen & MJ get their holes filled by Venom & Miles Morales

SCENES #154-156

Spidergwen & MJ get a big surprise...

Gwen knew she shouldn't be spying on them, but she couldn't resist.

Miles & MJ were on a date on a private rooftop deck, and things had gotten steamy.

MJ's top was off and Miles was licking and sucking her tits.

A shiver of pleasure ran through Gwen as she began to finger her clit.

"Fuck it," she said to herself, and swung down, landing right next to them.

"Ah, hey guys, mind if I join you?" she said.

Gwen & MJ double-team Miles's cock

Miles and MJ jumped in shock, but MJ recovered quickly, bit her lip, and smiled slightly. "That's cool"

Miles grinned like he had just won a billion dollar lottery.

The girls dropped to their knees and began to stroke Mile's very sizable cock.

Gwen felt herself getting wet just imagining him filling her pussy up.

She nibbled and licked his cock, smiling at his groans of pleasure.

Everyone once and a while her tongue touched MJ's, which turned her on even more.

She licked up the pre-cum, then kissed MJ, before squirting it into her mouth.

Licking up his pre-cum
Licking up his pre-cum (nude)

Miles throats Gwen, while MJ gives him a rimjob

"Fuck that's hot, Gwen," Miles said, then grabbed her hair and turned to face her directly.

She looked up and started to smile, when she felt his cock open her lips and begin to fuck her in the mouth.

"Mmph..." was all she could get out, before he thrust deeper, forcing his cock down her throat.

She gagged for a moment, but then relaxed, imagining how it looked as he fucked her balls-deep in the throat.

From what it looked like, MJ was rimming him from behind at the same time...

And that was when everything went sideways.

Gwen swallows ALL the dick
Gwen swallows ALL the dick (Xray)
Gwen swallows ALL the dick (Nude)
Gwen swallows ALL the dick (Nude Xray)

Venom attacks!

She glanced up at Miles, only to see a black blur strike his head, snapping it sideways at a grotesque angle.

His cock popped out of her mouth as he slumped over against the couch, either knocked out cold or dead - she didn't even know.

Gwen scrambled up and froze, seeing Venom leering at her while holding MJ off the ground by her neck.

Before she could react, he slammed her backwards onto the table and threw MJ on top of her.

For a moment the world spun, but then she felt it - a sudden hot pressure on her virgin asshole.

She panicked and tried to clench it tight, but it was too strong and too slick.

With a sickening squelch, she felt a monstrously huge cock stretch her asshole wide open and fill her up to bursting.

She couldn't breathe, she couldn't move, she couldn't even think from the shock of it.

Then just as suddenly it began to slide out again.

For a millisecond, she felt relieved, before it slid right back into her, even deeper this time.

Frozen from being sodomized in her tight little asshole, she stared upwards at MJ, who also was wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

A strangled scream was cut off, as Venom's impossibly long tongue burst from MJ's open mouth, as he fucked her from her asshole all the way through.

The fucking got faster and faster... until she felt it, gushes of molten hot cum filling her bowels.

Until thank God, he pulled out... and the world went dark...

Venom pulls out... (Torn Outfit & Spanked)
Venom pulls out... (Nude & Spanked)
Venom pulls out... (Torn Outfit)
Venom pulls out... (Nude)

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