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Featuring: Elizabeth Swann

Update on 6/21/24: Remastered with audio!

I've just remastered the images and videos, including adding custom audio from a voice actress.

The likeness is 3x better and the audio is awesome. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Swann plots her sweet revenge...

Captain Jack Sparrow at first seemed charming and harmless, if a bit offensive at times.

But Elizabeth soon learned it was but an act.

After all, these were hardened pirates.

It all started on the captain's birthday, when rum was passed around to the men.

Before she knew what was happening, she was tied to the mast, stripped, and covered in their sticky cum.

She managed to escape that night... right into the clutches of a rapacious kraken.

Barely surviving being penetrated all the way through, she crawled back onto the deck of the Black Pearl.

But now she would take no more.

It is time for her to turn the tables on these vile scoundrels...

Scene 1: Hands tied behind her back, Elizabeth gets on her knees

First, Elizabeth needed her hands freed from the tight ropes that bound her.

She got on her knees and submissively told Captain Sparrow she had learned her lesson.

She would not try to escape again.

In fact, she would serve them... willingly.

Even enthusiastically.

The Captain regarded her change of heart with some amusement.

And then, to stop her begging, he filled her pretty mouth with his cock.

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Scene 2: Elizabeth rides hard cock to earn their trust

Animated Video Scene with Full Audio (with a voice actress!)

Captain Sparrow, now thoroughly enjoying himself, tells Elizabeth he'd be more than happy to let her prove herself trustworthy.

He calls over a crew member and tells Elizabeth to mount his cock with her little cunt.

She asks if she could be untied, but Jack refuses for now.

So Elizabeth steels herself and climbs on the stinking pirate, feeling his hardness slip deep inside her.

She rides him and tries her best to look not utterly revolted.

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Scene 3: Exposing her pink puckered asshole

Elizabeth felt the hot cum of the pirate squirting inside of her.

She prayed that she would not end up with a bastard child inside her.

Jack laughed and asked, "Who else wants a round with Miss Swann?"

A roar came from all the crew and Elizabeth had to think quickly.

She turned around in front of the Captain, and bent over, exposing her pink asshole for him.

Cum dripped from her used pussy.

"But surely, the Captain should go next?" she said, "If it would please you."

Jack licked his lips, silenced the crew, and shoved her to the deck on her knees.

Exposing her Pink Hole (Front & Rear)
Exposing her Pink Hole (Front)
Exposing her Pink Hole (Rear)

Scene 4: Miss Swann gets it in the ass from Captain Jack Sparrow

"Miss Swann, this is a side of you I haven't seen," Jack said, "and I quite like it."

Taking off his jacket, he motioned to a crew member to untie the maiden.

Elizabeth felt a momentary flush of victory, but it was cut short by Jack grabbing her hair and yanking her head back.

Jack whispered in her ear, "You think yourself clever, Miss Swann?"

And she cried out as he shoved his finger deep in her ass with no warning.

Her asshole clenched against the violation, but it was no use.

The finger slid out and she bit her lip, waiting for what would come next.

She gasped as Jack's steel-hard cock stretched her open, filling her up impossibly.

At first there was only the pain from his thrusts.

But after a time, a thought came to her - a faint thrill amidst the pain.

Was this not an adventure?

Being fucked in the ass by a pirate was not quite what she had imagined.

But if it's what you expect then it's hardly a real adventure, is it?

Every hero is brought low, she thought.

And usually just before they turn it all around...


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Her ass gets jackhammered

Scene 5

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Scene 6

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