The Merry Mage presents:


Selena G, Charli D, Billie E, and Ariana G

Part 1: On her 18th bday, Selena G. gives you the night of your life

When you won the contest to join Selena G. on her 18th birthday, you never imagined it would be just the two of you.

You thought ok, I'll be at some huge party and I'll see her for like 2 seconds.

But instead, you found yourself at a candlelight dinner alone with her at her home.

You expected to be really intimidated by her, but she seemed a bit nervous.

You know you tend to have that effect on girls.

You'd done some modeling and had a gorgeous body you knew.

Suddenly it occurred to you... what if she didn't randomly pick you?

You did have to link a photo and your instagram profile to apply...

The truth is, you had a great time with her, and she seemed to really like you.

It almost didn't surprise you when she invited you to join her in her bedroom...

Scene 1: Selena slips off her bikini for you

She changes into a bikini and you both jump into a pink hot tub in her bathroom.

She suggests some champagne and you don't protest.

Still a bit nervous, she asks you if you've been with a girl before.

You admit you've had quite a lot of experience but don't have a girlfriend right now.

She blushes and takes another drink, maybe steeling up her nerve?

She starts to ask you a question, but then stops, thinking better of it.

Instead she leads you to her room, and, biting her lip a bit, begins to strip off her bikini...

Slide the bar down to see Selena sans her bikini (reload the page if you don't see the module)

A bit nervous...
Teenage & topless
A barely legal pussy...
Just for you...

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Scene 2: You pop Selena's teenage cherry

When she lay on her bed and spread her legs open, looking at you invitingly, you almost pinched yourself.

Is this really happening?

"Just... be gentle ok?" she said, "This is my first time..."

Holy shit - you're going to take her virginity tonight?!

Your heart is racing but you try to calm yourself.

Her teenage body is amazing; your cock is about to blow just looking at her.

And that little babyface... you can't wait to cum all over it.

You start by licking her clit, making her moan. Her pussy gets wet and swollen, eager for your cock.

You silently thank God, and prepare to slide inside her tight little cunt...

Just the tip
Balls-deep in Selena
Creampied pussy
Cherry Creampie!

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Scene 3: Selena gets kinky...

You cuddle with her, laughing together, and you tell her how much you're enjoying being with her.

She gets a naughty look in her eye then takes another swig of champagne.

"My dad would so kill me if he knew, but would you maybe...” then she trailed off looking shy.

"It's ok, you can ask. There's no shame and I won't judge you,” you say reassuringly.

She meets your eyes, and you take her hand gently.

"Can you... be rough with me?” she says, looking instantly embarrassed again.

Surprised, you say "Um, ok, I can try, but what do you mean? I want to make sure I don't do anything you don't want.”

She looks down, then says "I want you to... slap me. And slap my tits, and choke me a bit, all while fucking my pussy. Don't hold back, OK?”

You're a bit shocked at this. "Are you sure?”

"Yes, I'm so tired of intimidating everyone. Everyone kowtowing to me because I'm famous. Just for tonight, I want to be your little bitch. Would you do that for me?”

She looks you in the eyes once more and you smile warmly at her. "OK, Selena, let's try it out”

And with that, you grab her by the hair and force her onto her knees.

"Open wide, bitch” and you give her face a couple of firm slaps, before shoving your now rock-hard cock into her teenage mouth.

Your massive cock hits the back of her throat and she gags, tearing up and making her mascara begin to run.

You let her recover, then take her by the hair and push your cock deep into her warm, tight throat.

You barely stop yourself from cumming right then, but remember what else she asked you.

Tossing her onto the bed, you begin to fuck her now sloppy cunt, as you slap her tits and hold her down by the throat.

As you see the red marks, you begin to get worried, but she’s loving the abuse and cries out as she cums hard.

You almost cum too, before remembering you want to see your cum on her little babyface.

You pull out and she gets on her knees, sucking you off, until you explode in her soft, warm mouth, leaving cum dribbling down her chin.

Good girl... (Clean)
Good girl... (Kink)

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Part 2: Charli D. gets Blacked!

Now 18 years old, #1 Tiktok star Charli D. decides the break the internet.

She partners with Blacked to live-stream getting throated for the first time ever.

But she had NO IDEA how just how big that cock would be!

#scared #choking #cuminsideme

It's too big!!!

Slide the bar down to strip off Charli's clothes (reload the page if you don't see the module)

It's too big!!! (Livestream)
It's too big!!! (Livestream Nude)
It's too big!!!
It's too big!!! (Topless)
It's too big! (Nude)

Maybe just the tip?

Just the tip?
Just the tip? (Xray)

OMG, can't breathe!!! (Swallowing the whole cock)

Can't breathe (Mascara)
Can't breathe!
Can't breathe!!! (Xray)

Gasping for air, dripping with hot cum from her freshly fucked little mouth

Dripping with cum...
Dripping with cum... (Mascara run)

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Part 3: Billie E. gets tied up and her anal cherry popped

You known Billie for years now, even from before she was a worldwide megastar.

She'd been friends with your daughter since they were 10 and you'd enjoyed seen them grow up together.

That's why you were sad when you heard they fought, right after Billie's 18th birthday.

Something about a boy.

So it was great to hear Billie was coming over the for a sleepover.

You just hoped they could patch things up.

3AM: You hear a soft knock on your door, and are surprised to see Billie there, alone.

"Mr. Devins?"

"Billie, you know you can call me Will. What's up? Is something wrong?"

"I can't sleep. Mind if I come in?" she said, biting her lip a bit.

Your mind raced and you couldn't help but think about the lyrics in Bad Guy, about seducing dads.

Get real you told yourself. That's just part of her act.

Or was it?!?

Fast-forward 30 minutes later...

Billie is stripped naked and you've got her arms cranked behind her in bondage cuffs.

As you start recording, you are mentally pinching yourself this is really happening.

"You're sure you're ok with this, Billie?"

"No you're fucking going to jail you sick little perv," she said with a smirk.

You laugh, then not missing a beat, "Wow, such a potty mouth. Remember the rule in our house, Billie. No bad words."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr Devin," she said, "you fucking little cunt face. You don't have the balls to fuck me, do you?"

Hearing little Billie swear like that was massive turn on. "Looks like I'll need to teach you a lesson, Miss Eilish."

And you give her a firm spanking, hoping it doesn't wake your daughter.

But seeing those red ass cheeks is too much.

You slide your throbbing cock deep into her pussy, feeling the amazing warmth of her envelope you.

She moans happily as you fill her up with your massive cock.

You are almost about to cum, when you notice her little pink asshole, wet from your juices.

You pull out, and she starts to say, "What's the matter, can't keep it har..." but she then gasps, as you force the tip of your cock into her asshole with no warning.

"What the fuck?! Mr. Devins - I've never..." but you cut her off again with a sharp spank and you bury your cock 5 inches deep in her ass.

She cries out in shock...

And just then, your daughter walks in on you...

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Naughty Billie...
Fucking her pussy
Surprise Anal!
Just the tip...
Deep in her ass...
She likes it?
Bruises on her knees

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Part 4: Ariana G.

You can't believe your luck - you actually won the content to meet Ariana backstage!

But it was already a bit awkward.

As you waited outside her dressing room, she rushed by you arguing with someone on her phone.

Even through the closed door, you could hear her yelling "You fucking bastard! How could you with that ho?!".

Soooo awkward. It sounds like maybe her latest boyfriend cheated on her?

A crashing sound. Then silence...

You are just about to sneak off, when she opens the door, eyes red from crying.

She looks you up and down (and tbh, most girls think you're pretty hot), makes a brave face, and says, "You down for some revenge sex?"

Scene 1: OMG that ass...

What just happened to your life?

One minute you got dumped by your girlfriend, and the next you've about to bone friggin Ari herself!

In a daze, you follow her into her dressing room.

She's still in the purple dress and thigh-high boots from the show, and has a sheen of sweat from the dancing.

You imagine licking the slick salty sweat off her little boobs.

Your cock is already rock hard.

She goes up to the mirror, and then spies the massive tent in your pants.

Giving you smile, she says, "Wow, looks like I'm a lucky winner today too."

She laughs and it breaks the tension.

Then she pulls down her panties and shucks off the dress, giving you a full view of her gorgeous naked ass.

Looking through the mirror at you, she smiles and says, "You like it?"

Slide the bar down to strip off Ariana's dress (reload the page if you don't see the module)

She spies your massive tent
"You like it?

Scene 2: Gagging Ariana on your massive cock

You assure her it's the most beautiful bum you've ever seen.

She smiles, the compliment helping her feel a bit better.

You slide you pants down and your full cock springs out.

"Holy shit it's a monster!" she says, spinning around to get a better look.

To your shock, she drops to her knees and begins looking at it closely.

She's so close to your cock, you can feel her breath on it.

A little drop of pre-cum is already forming it's all so hot.

Ariana looks up at you, bites her lip, and then playfully licks the pre-cum onto her tongue.

Electric tingles course through your body.

She gives you a few more teasing licks, looking up at you with those innocent looking eyes.

You can't take it anymore.

You grab her ponytail and slam your cock eight inches into her shocked mouth.

You hear her gag but you keep her head firmly in place, only slowing sliding your cock out, until she can take a breath.

"What the fuck?!" she gasps, and for a second you freak out, wondering if she's about to call security.

But she catches her breath, gives you a slow smile, and says, "That was hot. Do it again. Fuck my pretty face..."

"Yes, ma'am!"

You grab her by the ponytail and go balls deep down her throat, forcing her to swallow all of you until she's desperate for air.

It's unreal you just saw those famous vocal cords signing before thousands of people.

But now they're pressed around your cock, forming a tight, warm sleeve.

It's all you can do not to shoot your load into her throat right now.

But you have mercy, pulling her head back, and she gasps for breath.

"She gasps for breath..."
"She gasps for breath..." (Mascara run)

Scene 3: You leave Ari's pussy dripping with your cum

"I fucking need you in me. NOW," Ariana says, pulling you toward the couch.

Getting throat fucked was obviously a huge turn-on for her.

Her pussy lips were wet and swollen, and she gasped as you filled her with your massive dong.

You started slowly, but she begged you to go faster, until you were slamming your hips into her.

It didn't take long.

She screamed as the climax washed over her.

You joined her and shot load after load deep inside her.

Then she did something that surprised you even more... she kissed you, right on the lips.

It was sweet and totally unexpected.

You gave her a goofy smile and pulled out.

Glistening cum spilled out of her, down her leg, and onto the couch.

She spread her legs so you could take it all in.

She looked you over one more time and then seemed to come to a decision.

And she said, "So... you doing anything later tonight?"

The Creampie in Ari
"So... you free later tonight?"

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