Supergirl (TV Series)

The Secrets of Supergirl...

Featuring: Supergirl & Lena Luthor
with Superman and Darkseid


Every girl's got her secrets...

And one of the most powerful and famous girls has some very juicy ones!

Secret #1: Lena Luthor helped Supergirl explore her sexuality...

The TV series hid the truth: that Lena & Kara were lesbian lovers from early on.

Lena first helped Supergirl discover the full range of her sexuality.

Here's the moment Lena surprised Kara by slipping her finger into her tight little butthole, and then slowly worked it deeper while Supergirl gasped in shock and pleasure ; p

Supergirls gets her first anal fingering!

Secret #2: Cousin Love!

The other relationship kept well out of view on the show was the forbidden love between the two cousins: Kara & Clark!

Hinted at here and there, like the texts they shared together:

But it was Superman who gave Supergirl her first taste of cock.

And once she got fucked up by that magnificent cock (he's not the Man of Steel for nothing!), there was no going back.

They met up in secluded locations around the city - an old warehouse, a lonely beach, a private penthouse - and made love for hours, their super human stamina helping them hit climax after climax.

Here's Superman cumming in Kara for the first time during their initial liaison:

Cousin love...

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Secret #3: Captured by Darkseid!

Just before Season 1, Darkseid led a small exploratory mission to Earth, preparing for his later full scale assault.

To Supergirl's great shame, the first thing he did was pick her up, easily overpowering her.

In his spaceship, he bound her in the air using kryptonite bands and slowly stripped her suit off.

She stared in horror at his cock, easily as wide as her arm, as it dripped cum in anticipation of what was next...

To this day, she's never shared with anyone what really happened about that ship!

Slide the bar down to strip Supergirl!

Torn Outfit Version
Stripped naked by Darkseid!

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