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Featuring Cruella de Vil, Scarlet Witch/Wanda, Princess Leia, Mathilda (Leon, The Professional, 18+), & Lana Lang

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In this series, 5 shocked heroines are going to get a backdoor surprise. 😱

Scene 1: The real reason Cruella hates dalmatians so much...

Just before the Baroness von Hellman ties up Cruella in her burning flat, she has a little surprise for her.

Or at 10 inches, more like a B-I-G surprise.

Each of the 3 dalmatians takes their turn, leaving Cruella full of their canine cum.

Woof woof!

Dicked by a Doggie Version
Creampie Drips Version
Xray Version
Backdoor View Version
Backdoor View Xray Version
Black & Whites Pubes Version

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Scene 2: Wanda gets herself stuck in a wall... and Pietro gives her a backdoor surprise!

Wanda's been watching too much porn.

In the latest WandaVision episode, she gets herself stuck in a wall and waits for Vision to rescue her.

But as it happens, her brother Pietro finds her first and can't resist that gorgeous ass.

She's expecting it in the pussy, but discovers she's a secret anal fiend.

She's left with hot cum dripping out of both holes.

Btw, who's that in the background interfering with things?

Panties Version (Front/Rear View)
Perfect Pussy Version (Front/Rear View)
Pussy Creampie Version (Front/Rear View)
Anal Creampie Version (Front/Rear View)
Solo Version (Side View)
Anal Version (Side View)
Xray Version (Side View)
Internal Creampie Version (Side View)
Full Panel Version

Scene 3: On her 18th birthday, Mathilda gets her anal cherry popped by Leon's ghost

Mathilda moved to Paris to try to get away from all the bad memories in NY.

On her 18th birthday, she's celebrating alone and missing Leon.

Suddenly, Leon's ghost appears before her. She so happy!

So is he... especially when he sees how smoking hot she's become.

He bends her over, grabs her choker, and gives her a surprise birthday gift: 10 inches of ghost cock up her ass!

Mathilda's Outfit - Solo
Anal Xray - Front Version
Mathilda's Outfit - Front & Rear View
Nude Anal - Front & Rear Version
Anal Xray - Front & Rear Version
Internal Cumshot - Front & Rear Version

Scene 4: Princess Leia gets a rough anal from Han Solo... and then Chewy

Princess Leia wants to thank Luke for rescuing her, so begins to lick his cock.

But then Han walks in and is not happy to be left out.

So with no warning, he breaks in her tight virgin ass, teaching her a lesson about the rights of a ship's captain.

While Leia's ass is getting slammed, Luke cums in her mouth.

Just when she thinks it's all over, Chewy walks over...

Rough Anal Version
Anal Xray Version
Cum Explosion Version
Chewy's Turn Version

Scene 5: Lana Lang gets it in the ass from the Man of Steel

Clark Kent gets exposed to red kryptonite on Lana's wedding night wtih Lex Luthor.

Overcome by amplified emotions of rage and betrayal, he confronts her in Luthor mansion.

But things soon spiral out of control...

And Lana learns firsthand why they call him the Man of Steel!

Torn Wedding Dress Version
Nude Anal Version
Anal Xray Version
Internal Cumshot Version

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